Ask @lodongirl1997:

What do you miss?

I miss England I miss my brother talking to me. I miss Mari. Talking to me. I miss talking to Kati hope I didn’t do something wrong forgive me if I do kat abd Tommy Sometimes I miss Dylan I am grateful. He mention. I am not what the girl said I was. I miss being my self in England I miss watching football matches in England I miss my cousin in Huddersfield . I miss the people blending in I miss the scenery I miss waking up to a world that’s not awake I miss having tea in England i miss seeing the history I honestly say I wan to live in England. I love being there I feel free I miss learning my family’s history Idk if it’s
Posibel to miss a place so much thank you England. You truly are amazing if the English have. Way to cure. A sad heart about England please let me know

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