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I feel like I waited all night for that answer. When was the last time you waited an ungodly amount of time for someone who simply never bothered to show up?

I generally avoid people anyway, so I can't even remember a time. It's been that long ago.

Is Claire always righteously awesome, or does she have off days like everyone else?

She's never missed a day at being awesome, but she definitely has off moments. A lot of whining and not eating.

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Actions speak louder than words. Flatulence is louder than turds. At the end of the day, the truth hurts, but the dick squirts. ---You can have all that if you want.. Have you ever actually plagiarized someone or stolen an idea?

All the damn time. I'm not as poetic as others, so I rely on their wit to transfer my feeling!

No. But on a serious note I agree with all that. Family is central to life on earth. Now if only people would fuckin' recycle! Are you a recycling nut like me?

I honestly wish I was better about recycling and the sort.

You are lovely. What makes you tick so?

What makes me tick?
Knowledge. Love for my family and friends. Making a better life for future generations. Stuff like that.

I saw you on a mail-order bride documentary. Was it really you?

Yeah, but I didn't know how to squeeze vodka from potatoes so she left me. Plus I couldn't pronounce the safe word...
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Why can't I ever be on your nerd level?

I put on a nerd front. I'm not near as nerdy as I let on.

Have you rebounded yet? Do you think rebounding is bad?

Rebounded from what exactly? And yes, using someone temporarily to make yourself feel better is bad.

And with the Panther you get the magic of 80s today! Again, another answer I agree with though the 70s come close (Ozzy-era Sabbath, Deep Purple, early Cheap Trick)

Well the later 70s bled into the 80s era. So I consider it 80s lol.

I agree with you on Geddy and Blackmore (even though Blackmore's a major league douche). Another musical question? Speaking strictly in terms of heavy metal/hard rock which is the best decade for the genre?

personally, either the 80s or now.

What do you like to read, if at all?

When i read its usually non-fiction and technical stuff. Like how to use tools or materials, and stuff about science. On occasion you'll find me reading a comic or science fiction.

Would you rather go deaf. or only be able to listen to Justin Bieber for the rest of your life?

Now does this mean only his music? Or just his voice in general? Cause I could handle the second one since he could tell me what people are saying. If the first choice, then fucking chop my ears off.

How much does a stairway to heaven cost, and where would you even store it?

Trick question. There is no heaven, therefore there is no stairway to it. But if fairy tales did exist, I would suppose a Bag of Holding would do the trick nicely. (D&D/Dragonlance fans will get it)

Brain, for all his brilliance, could never take over the world. Purple Tentacle ate sludge, grew arms, and succeeded. What gives?

Moral of the story: Size Matters.

Why is it you can never have enough socks? You have five pairs when you go to wash, and 9 come out. They up and vanish...and the same goes for forks in the dishwasher!

socks live in the quantum world. hence the poppong out of existence.

What's your favorite holiday? Reasons?

Probably christmas, just purely because of Claire's excitement.

Is there such a thing as a worthwhile home iPhone battery replacement, or are all the batteries available on the cheap online complete crap? (I haven't had much luck, myself.)

I've never had trouble with any of the cheap ones I get on ebay.

I asked a former colleague and mutual friend this so I will get your take on it. I'm seriously considering getting back into coding as I actually missed programming in BASIC. What code do you think is the most useful and do you enjoy doing it as well?

If you miss it then why not go for it! Knowing what you want to work on is going to determine what language would best suit you, though. I find that Java and C# are going to be your heavy hitters right now.

Should I expose my piercing during my date tonight? They've never seen it, but know it exists. They'll see it eventually, just don't want to make a misstep in that.

why hide something that is a part of you?

Which is better: American Dad or Family Guy? Thoughts on purple? Wheat or white? Metal or alternative rock? Favorite band? How much could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

family guy, purple is awesome, white, metal, Parkway Drive, 7.

Me neither. But how bout that big blue sky, how bout that universe up there? Your thoughts?

The universe is gorgeous and should be treated as such at all times.

How bout them CAYATS?!

Lol, the loss doesn't affect me in any way other than having to hear about it incessantly. I am NOT a sports person.

What sort of fun things have you done to get through this terrible weather?

i have been playing with claire and cleaning and cooking lol.

I once used the name RZA at Laser Quest. But the dummies announced my score sheet as ARE-ZEE-AYE. What was your proudest Laser Quest code name?

never went

Mmm, seminal fluid. Speaking of that, is cunnilingus even a thing any more?

Damn right its still a thing. I am quite the cunning linguist.

Coprophilia is disgusting, but somehow fascinates me. What fascinates you? (Besides alienating non-atheists...)

you are fascinated by literal shit, but somehow managed to make me sound like tha bad guy, lol. I don't alienate non-atheists. I know and am friends with plenty of different mindsets.
But anyway, I am intrigued by most things. Not caprophilia by any means, but a lot of other things. Mostly the mechanics of how everything operates, and how to build it.
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OK but define the difference between helping and pleasing. I am always willing to help but to please people sometimes means changing my values or beliefs. Not going down that road.

That's a line that you have to decide not to cross.

I appreciate your candid response. Do you, however, often feel like you spend too much time pleasing people?

Time spent helping people is never time wasted.

i cant fix it?

It takes both sides willing to and to put the fix in action. I've never had luck with it, though it is very possible.

im not miserable though something has just changed

If it's changed enough to make you question the validity of your relationship, then you're going to get miserable. Figured that out the hard way.


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