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What will the future be like?

And I'm finally back in askfm.
It depends, either you get to live your ideal life or you are living under a certain someone's authority.

Lgd- A prefect. Cute smile you have ? Sj junior. How's life after pt3? Do enjoy hahah? Atb in everything la!

Qiaoyiyi’s Profile PhotoChong Qiao Yi
Cute smile? Hahah this is rare. Thanks hees. Life is boring and boring and boring cause all we do is rot and rot and rot meh. All the best to you too hehe! Enjoy as year-end is finally over ?
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LG3facts- Classmate for almost three years ? Has been quite quiet lately hmm ? Likes to walk superb fast ?

ZhiPing_0221’s Profile PhotoZP⭐
Hey Neoh! I am? Don't worry, I'll be v talkative soon, so talkative that your ears might drop ? Hahaha I take that as a compliment? ?
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What one piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

You do not understand the pain of people leaving until you have found someone who is as important as your favourite doll when you grow up.

How would you change your name to make life a lot more fun?

One's life won't change even if her name does.

Is there anything so precious to you that you'd risk your life for it?

All the people I love and appreciate and the gifts given to me by them ?

How are unicorns made?

Fem is an expert when it comes to unicorns, why not you go ask her instead? ?
How are unicorns made

LGD - My prefect junior, Choir member, you're always very curious about everything right ? ? you're so tiny and cute. A responsible person ? You're always willing to learn anything and everything which is a great quality that everyone should have. ?

JaniceXinWei’s Profile PhotoJanice Xin-Wei
Hahaha thanks a lot ??

LGLD- F3 prefect. Cute and weird tho ? Always look at me in a weird way ?Snow black hehe. Do well in the leo event. Eng very goodddd and yr acting also nt bad hehhh ?

zi_qing’s Profile PhotoZqing
Aww thanks ?

Tbh you did very well !!!! Snow black ! Tbh why do you like to play with people's hair lol tbh stay sweet with her Hahaa tbh ur English is good ? tbh we should keep in touch ! ???

tehcarmen’s Profile Photocarmenevens
Aww thanks! You did very well as a director too hehe ? Hahaha I have no idea either. Yup, we should ?
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Lgd-Weien!Choir juniorr haha.But not alto so idk what to say.Neighbour!Hahah we should go play badminton together some time hehe?Cute.Pretty.Tall(er) than me.So you're considered tall liao HAHAHAA.Nothing much to describe la? Chat more and lets go hangout more haha?All the best in your pt3!

Tanyingee’s Profile PhotoYingEe
Ying Ee! Mezzo hahaha. Yup, we should, find a day yeah ? Owh really? I'm don't even know if I'm taller than you or not? Yup, all the best to you too!?
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Lgtbh - tbh u are from 3P8. Tbh u are prefect. Tbh i miss primary skul when we are deskmate. Tbh u like to laugh no matter wat happen. Tbh u are actually a crazy person. Tbh u very pro in eng xia.

Li_shin’s Profile Photoanglishin
Thanks als ??
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lgd-talkative sometimes depends on ur mood i think? ? Close wif ur angel ?? Always saw both of u walking tgt if she came back to skul ? smile more n be more optimistic ?

ZhiPing_0221’s Profile PhotoZP⭐
Yep it depends haha. Observant enough? Thanks?
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LGD: Just went to USA last holiday and where's my souvenirs ?? You owe me anyway, SOUVENIRS FROM USA. ? Smart girl but also the annoying one ? hahah...miss me ??come sg find me then ??anyway,all the best in ur studies and good luck in ur pt3 exam !! ?

Yanyu_Madgurl’s Profile PhotoYannnnnyu
Ngaw I will if I have the time ? Good luck to you too!?
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What was your first concert? No matter how embarrassing - let's hear it.

Kindergarten's grad ceremony when I was 4?? There's nothing to be embarassed about so yeah.

TBH - Tbh you need to face life with more positivity ? Don't be so pessimistic (: Tbh you're really capable in doing stuff ?

shinyi22’s Profile PhotoLee Shinyi
Capable in doing stuff? Haha there are people who are more capable than me :) Well, okay ??

LGD - Hey . Dk how to describe you . One word will do . Emo . Always sad , always thinking about leaving . Life isnt hard , really . Cheer up ! And yeah , Yiling's . Stay sweet ???

Hello. Well, alright. The next time you see me, I will be laughing all day long hehe. Thanks???

If you had 24 hours to spend anyway you wanted, and money wasn't a concern, what would you do?

Go meet all the people I miss, show them an extremely broad smile, give them my warmest hug, chit chat with them as if the days without them didn't exist, tell them everything I have gone through and most of all, forget everything about the darkness of the days without them and try very hard to not get emo.
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what do you think of your admirers ?

I didn't know I have admirers and I am pretty sure I don't have any oops.

LGD-Prefect. Cute and friendly. Saw you at the hospital a few weeks ago. Your father works as a doctor right? Choir member? How's form 3 life? All the best ! ?

Qiaoyiyi’s Profile PhotoChong Qiao Yi
Hahah yup for both the doctor and choir questions. Pretty well at the moment ? Thanks, same goes to you heheh??
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What kind of place do you think is ideal for the first date? Why do you think so?

New York City ❤ Gonna go there with ? one day cause whenever you are in that place, the only bad day is the day you leave?????


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