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If you were really hungry, really exhausted, AND really gross, what would you do first β€” eat, nap, or shower?

dont you think take a nap is the best πŸ™†πŸ». haha

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What female celebrity do you wish was your sister?

selena gomez , so justin will be my brother in law πŸ˜† omg , i cant moveon . haha

maybe kayce will be perfect 😊 she's cute , beautiful and have really great voice . iloveher so much . yeahaha . go and search her thou , you will not regret but thanked to me . huhu 😚

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What’s one fashion trend you hope to never see again?

huhuhuh, that's soo ugly tho 😩😩

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describe her >>>>


husna sabri is a clever girl malaysia . HAHAHAHAHAHAHA . not so tall but doesn't mean she's short , skinny and has more than one mouth . lol . tbvh , fisttime kenal ofcourse la form one tapi aku tak ingat bila firsttime aku borak dengan dia tanpa rasa awkward . huhu . i like sembang dengan dia yg aku tak pasti hapa benda yg aku nk cakap sbb alhamdulillah dia org yg sabar dan akan dengar je apa yg aku nak merepek tu . kehkeh . bila belajar aku suka tengok buku dia , baca jawapan dia dan kadang tu sbb nak copy or cari inspiration kononnya . haha .

dulu aku pernah mimpi dia , time tu dia tidur kat dorm dia n aku kejutkan dia sbb aku nk pergi mana ntah tapi dia tak bangun . kat luar dorm tu , masyi jerit suruh aku cepat . last attempt , aku gegarkan badan dia tapi dia tidur mati . hahahaha . aku pun keluar dgn perasaan berat hatinya kejar masyi yg dh tinggalkan aku tu .

esoknya , belajar macam biasa tibatiba anis safira kata mak aku datang nak jumpa . terkejut lawak apa dia hadapkan kat akh ni . rupanya memang betul mom dh ada kat luar . patutla aku tak sedap hati dengan mimpi tu . huhu . masyi tu pun mmg betulbetul dh tinggalkan aku jauh ke pahang . huhu πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜”

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Would you rather only be able to whisper or only be able to shout?

my ears always don't get it right . i may giveup to stay focused on what people gonna say πŸ’

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What is your favorite hobby?

get confused for minutes and let it go like that's not my probs

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What is your favourite line from a movie?

"nahh , you shut up "

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What question do you ask yourself a lot?

when you wanna moveon, dude . they never care what's you worrying about . it's just a waste tho

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Which is your favorite song?

I'll show you by justin . seriously people should hear this song and stop be judgemental thou .

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What cheesey song do you have memorized?

"you know you love me , i know you care "
lol . i miss that song thou :')

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saya nak mintak maaf . harap dimaafkan .

based on what you have done la . manabulih senang-senang maafkan . lol

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If you had to dye your hair and keep the color for the next five years, what color would you choose?

light purple πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚lawo kut . tapi ai bukan freehair so useless la dye takleh tayang . lol

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knock knock knock

*open the door*
selamat datengg :)

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ada jonghyun cnblue tapi dia bkn heroin. heronya sape entah nama tak popular tapi boleh tahan handsome hihik pastu heroin dia seolhyun aoa. cite pasal vampire hehe

ai dah recommend kat kakak ai dah . kalau rajin ai join la kut . eheh

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haritu tertengok orange marmalade kat kbs uhuhu mcm best.

ada siapa-siapa yang menarik? lol . i donno la , jarang dah tengok drama ni and i kennot la tengok drama kbs , macam takda chemistry . lol

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kalau nak beli buku mcm i tu , bolehlah ushar insta debookroom

shopping lagi la aku lepas ni . hiks . tunggu nextmonth la kut , sekarang kastam ada buat spotcheck kat poslaju . bahaya kalau parcel i cicir nanti . lol

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yanaaa u layan kdrama ke tak eh

depend siapa actornya la . lol . why ?

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Agreed with your opinion! Thanks! Haaa u sedih mengapa

that's just a part of my feeling that I cant rip it off la . lol

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I plan nak buat start buat hw malam ni. Bukak tab, nak cari nota ringkas utk buat nota tapi lain pula arah tujunya. Can you counsel me?

nak jadi pelajar cemerlang , effort mesti lebih :) hm . itu orang selalu sebut-sebutkan . tapi cuba kau fikir secara rasional , pelajar yang last minute tu effortnya berganda lebih banyak sebenarnya kerana dia gigih dan sanggup bersengkang mata untuk menyelesaikan tanggungjawab dia . haha . itaktahu nak motivate apa kat you tapi i sarankan you pergi tidur dan start keja esok . percayalah , malam ni takkanlah you boleh concenterate dengan godaan nafsu durjana ini T.T huhuhu , i so sad lah .

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Ingatkan i sorang je yg menggelabah tak siap hw hUhU

sebenarnya ., i tak menggelabah pun . esok baru on mood gelabah tu . ehe

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U dah siap hw ke u

anon mana yang jahat sangat tanya soalan ni T.T

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ape maksod mak kau hijau -.-

kisah dua orang budak bergaduh sambil mengejek . hm , I think he's too rude but aku tak tahu kenapa bila podol buat vine benda tu rasa lawak sangat -.-

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bkn ai yg bayar bil wifi haha

sebabkan bukan you yang bayar bil , you jangan komplen . lol

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Akid tu sape huhuhuhuhu

akid yang mana ya ?

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sejak akhir2 ni line mcm siput sedut .Haihh

jangan salahkan line , salahkan diri you yang takbayar bil wifi tu . lol

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