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Park the car for her, hold her hand when crossing the street. Surprise her with Starbucks. You know it’s the lil stuff that matters.

kiss her forehead. wipe her ass when she shits. hold her pussy lips for her when they're limp. make her breakfast.

Have you ever come to a point where romance movies/novels started to bore you and your hope in finding the right one significantly diminished? If yes, same 😔

maybe you got your hopes up based on all of the wild stories you've read and anything realistic sounds lame now? i can see why that would happen

Isn’t this so sarcastic. I love my bed but I hate sleeping. I love spending time on my bed and get lazy but I can’t close my eyes 😏


So when ur not out and about doing things you start shit up online to pass time huh and you troll AmITheAsshole forum on Reddit and god only knows what other

i actually lurk in most places, ask is just so ridiculous that i decided to be ridiculous here too lol

When someone says that they don’t have the energy to deal with your issues/problems, are they saying that they choose not to deal with them even tho they actually can?

do you think dead batteries still work??

Why do women refuse to admit they like someone when the signs are obvious?

you think you know someone else's feelings better than they do?

Im bored o____e tell me something to believe in, lets see your persuasion skills

holy fuck i thought i was the only one who still makes that face online

Would you still continue talking to a player (if you had feelings for them) and they told you that they were a player from the start and were going around calling every person from the opposite gender cute or hot?


Why do men post pics of half naked women on their stories? 😂

why do old men get tricked by fake accounts so easily?? my brother in christ that is not actually liv morgan please don't hit on her on facebook in front of your wife and kids???

Should I have my first kiss/goodnight kiss on the lips or cheek? Should my crush and I kiss on the lips or cheek as my first kiss/goodnight kiss?

grab and touch their ass while your making out

Which is scarier: A world with Zombies & Vampires OR a world of AI/Skynet? (AI is getting spooky man)

ai will be too stupid to be scary by the time we are done "teaching" it dumb things

I'm craving grilled octopus, feta cheese and fresh garden tomatoes with greek dressing. Does anyone else have weird cravings?

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i misread that as fat cheese


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