Ask @lonleysoul377:

Why do we like someone you can't have?

I'll try to explain this. :)
Umm, imagine you're shopping with someone you really love. Someone you're madly in love with. Now, this person picks out a gift for you in a particular color and style.
How would you feel about that gift?
Most likely you'll cherish it, simply because of who it came from. Similarly, there are things, people and events in your life that Allah has picked out for you.
Are you pleased with His choice?
Do we not love the gifts simply because of who it picked it out?
You will know you really love someone, when you love anything that comes from them - no matter what it is.
And you will love their gift, not for any QUALITY in the gift ITSELF but only for WHO it came from... <3

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Post A Piece of Poetry?

мυнαммαɒ вɪℓαℓ ĸнαи ❤
Meet me by the edge of my dreams,
in the moments i drift into your realm.
Reach for me where you will find me,
Perhaps I may dream of you an your smile.
Find me amongst the souls that wander,
Call my name
Perhaps I will hear your voice and come.
Perhaps time will not hurt as much as it does, if your hand touches my forehead and tells me,
"Nothing in the world is world is worth your tears."

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