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Do you like your handwriting?

Yeah tho it's sometimes really good but sometimes really bad HAHA

What’s something you intended to do today,but didn’t? Why not?

Worked on my pedia preliminary stuff but wasnt able to cause we left

How often do you smile?

I'd say maybe ~40% of the time idk I have this resting look where people think i'm mad HAHA

what thing makes you sad??

there are things that make me sad but to be specific I guess one is seeing people leaving a plate full of unfinished food :(

If you rate yourself as a liar, which level are you???? 1-10

I do my best to maintain my honesty and integrity so I prolly wouldn't try rating myself

Do you sleep in complete silence and darkness?

I think I fall asleep at random times jk but I am able to sleep in that setting

if you became president what is the first thing you'd do?

Swear the oath hahahajk ummm siguro organize the people in my staff muna idk

Hi Crushieee!! <333 :)) -anon

lol can't believe that meron pa questions dito but hi there HAHA (lol I just checked on this due to the curiouscat hype lol)

Win the lottery $10M or go back to past?

Lottery $10M. Why go back to the past if you are a summation of past events? What's important from the past is the lessons we learned from it. Focus on the present and the future. Make a change. A lot can be done with $10M.
Personally, going back to the past would be nice just so that I can see Jesus. :))
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Do you think anyone with sincerity to serve the country can be a President? As long as he/she can read or write?

Nope. I believe that awareness of what's happening in the country is a very important aspect that we must consider. What is sincerity to serve if you do not know the status of country? With that, our hypothetical/ideal President will be able to solve the problems of the country easier because he knows what is there to solve.

You are hairy kasi you look way older than your actual age. Experiment mo lang, liok boy next door, tamo next week, may sex proposal ka na agad. Joke lang. Hihi

HAHAHAHA it was a dare kasi e. Hanggang monday daw pero ayun isshave ko na hahahaha

Haha. Okay lang yan, too young ka pa naman daw. :'> hairy ka pa din? :)

I'll prolly shave it tomorrow. hahaha sinabihan na ako ng lolo't ama ko HAHAAHA

What's the best Saturday night moment for you?

Choir prac, a night out with good friends, or at least a moment that makes me feel like I've been productive that day.


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