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Have you ever thought about starting a YouTube channel?

I already have one of I have a few videos on it but I don't make any money from it yet but I'm planning on too of the money part

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What's a popular drink you've never liked?

Instead of saying a specific name I'm going to say "all mommy drinks"
(Like wine, alcohol, etc.)

Do you think your jokes can trigger people ? But it’s just a joke.

No people absolutely love my jokes and riddles

Me and my friend usually eat near the football field during lunch, but we quickly turned around because there was bunch of big fat black dildos all over the field.

So did one of you two at least grabbed one

If you could have anything you want right now, anything at all, what would it be?

To have my chaos magic like My OC so that I can do whatever I want and be immortal

Have you ever had someone flirt with you over Facebook messenger, text, etc.? How did you nicely tell them you weren’t interested?

To be honest I just don't know

What’s the reason you’re smiling a lot lately?

Well I just like to smile and be happy and all that stuff


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