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We're traveling in dimensions and not moving backwards, but sideways. It's a shift of frequencies. Much like the near death experiences and paranormal. They are right beside us, but in different wave form of energy.

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I was always facinated by these things, i want answers

Why my guy friend asked me why I was online late at night..?? I was chatting with my friends bt I think he was stalking me...

He likes u

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When i go to any wedding, some aunties or uncles keep introducing their sons brag about how good he is and their jobs. I already told my parents i don't want to marry now. Can anyone give me advice how to avoid those aunties and uncles?

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Say u got a bf

If a girl is standing near u n then give u a smile bt then goes away from there, what wud u do..??

Nothin smile back like crazy

(edited) Ek murgi 🐔 apne 3 bachu k sath sadaq cross kr rhi thi, sadaq cross krne k baad murgi ka ek bacha bola , ''akhir Hum panchu ne road cross kr he liya " Sooncho 5 kaise 🤔 ?

Murga bhi toh tha na waha

I was staring a girl who work in a mall , she came to me ask me why i stare her and told me to stop staring her . Can i continue staring her ?

Yes if u want to be reported to police

If he says you that you are a special friend of him .,,and still always gives you late replies ,never text you first ,never ask you how are you ..what should you do ??plz tell

Hes lying, dont text him first

There is guy who used to text me everyday but now he doesn't and even when i try to talk to him he doesn't talk much... Does he hate me?

Dont kn ask him clearly

I often get asked out but never asked out a guy before , just waits for him to ask out I'm considering to change it, so any tips to ask guys out ?

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It should be like dis only, asking out is guys job


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