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minah is great, she's my fav in girls day. She's adorable, you can check her out in 2011's vampire idol, a sitcom.

ohhhh isn't that the one with soohyuk/sungjoon/jonghyun?? i've always wanted to watch that one, it looked silly as hell. i think sojin is my fav girl's day!!

(side note: since i deleted the twitter associated with this acct i'm not certain if i'll be able to use it if i ever get logged out, so pls direct further asks to my writing tumblr @ loudestoflove!! that way i won't lose you)

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/shyly\ do you have a twitter~ just read your bap space bandits fic, god i loved it and i dont even banghim that much. loved the daejae side drabble too. ;A; please write a jonglo side story otl

i do have a twitter!! however it's locked and i don't give it out to complete strangers, sorry :( i rly appreciate your love tho!! i have such a soft spot for that fic, even though i wrote it ages ago. i'm not really writing bap anymore anon, and jonglo weren't together in that au, tbh! sorry this is such a disappointing ask. thank you for the comment though!! ♥

View more idk if you have seen this but jia/fei and minah and eunji on happy together and it has subs!

'oops suzy not jia'

anon, your timing is absolutely impeccable, i rly needed this rn. ty!!

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ooh thank you so much!! i saw the cry of fear one and i'm definitely going to watch that because i love that game so much, i could watch like a thousand gameplays of it. outlast was a kinda eh game but yeah awesome thanks

for me, the draw with joel and adam's let's plays is definitely much less the actual game and more just the two of them, bc they're ridiculous. you're right tho, outlast rly doesn't look like a whole lot lmao i would never pick it up on my own or play it. but!! watching joel and adam work themselves into a corner and argue abt controls or freak out bc of the oculus rift makes it worthwhile. i love horror game lps mostly bc of getting to listen to someone else freak out lmao

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what are you favorite joel & adam videos/games that they play. pls tell because i am interested in watching thank you

oh gosh okay so they just did dreadout today which was hilarious and actually scary for me, but they've also done outlast (,, and that one's with an oculus rift!!!) and also cry of fear ( and fear 3 (

in terms of not horror games, they've done a few other pretty great ones, but my absolute fav is goat simulator

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what are 5 things that make you happy?

1. kris' stupid face
2. joel and adam doing horror let's plays
3. peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
4. big fluffy dogs
5. this video i have watched approximately seven BAZILLION times

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I Love how you write. Can you give any advice on improving writing?

thank you so much!! that means the world to me n_____n

ummm, honestly, the best advice i can give you is PRACTICE!! i try to get in at least 1k a day (mostly bc i am pretty prolific when i get in the zone) and that has been so good for me!! the key is not to let yourself get discouraged if things don't turn out the way that you want them to and to keep going, because things can ALWAYS be fixed afterwards!! so basically i try to get in like 1k and a lot of the time that's either some drabbly whatever on my tumblr or never sees the light of day, but it gets me to keep pushing. one thing i've seen again and again from published writers is that writing is a JOB. you've got to learn how to write even when you haven't been struck by the best idea ever and just have to get it down. a lot of people like to wait for inspiration to hit, which is all well and good, but honestly, that's never served me that well. the more that you write, the easier it is to write. it's like flexing a muscle. also PLEASE don't get intimidated by that 1k, esp if you don't write all that much!! just commit yourself to writing something a day. i have friends who do 500w a day, or 3k. 1k is for me easy on days when i'm inspired and a bit of a push on other days, and that's the ideal spot, i think. plus, i write for stress relief, i rly enjoy it.

also vital: a good beta reader!! and by that, i don't mean just someone who can catch your typos, though that's good too. you need someone you can trust to read through your writing and tell you 'this is confusing' or 'this progression seems too fast' or 'you used this word like four hundred times, kendra, change at least 350 of them before i lose my mind'. you can't get better unless you learn to recognize your mistakes and fix them, and an outside pair of eyes always helps with that!! and trust me, sometimes getting a beta job can be hard. you're really attached to that scene they told you to cut or you've been working on this fic FOREVER but you JUST WANT TO BE DONE. been there, felt that. but they're telling you these things bc they want to help you make your writing better, and learning to take that kind of constructive criticism is vital. it's ok to be upset, as long as you shake it off after a bit!!

keep in mind that these are just things that have worked for me. i've written all my life but since i've picked up these habits and started writing for fandom, my writing has improved dramatically. or at least, i like to think so. i hope that helps you anon!!

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not into watersports, anon, but ty for thinking of me when you see kairis!!

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Dude how u supposed to get tit she ain't bitch but bitch in boy physique

this is starting to get really old anon

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This is ur way of life small and big. Whom u goin to marry black or white and tht guy says fuck this shit bitch ain't got tit


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Yes u have to b quiet to listen my laughing i mean rofl

are you very small, anon, is that why you're so hard to hear?? tiny tim anon

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shoosh and is shooshed

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What are you jealous of?

lots of things, i'm a fairly jealous person by nature. people who have the whole simpsons lego minifigure set. that kinda thing

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jongin is really the softest boy

The softest and the sweetest boy n_____n if you don't like jongin I think you need to examine the depth of your cold black heart

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i agree but i think that kyungsoo has a real soft spot for jongin

oh so do i, definitely!! that was mostly a blanket answer bc trying to specifically answer that abt 12 people is a bit time consuming and exhausting!! i think you could make an argument abt nearly everyone in exo doting on jongin, really, but kyungsoo is up there, which is interesting when you take into acct the fact that kyungsoo doesn't tend to initiate a ton of stuff, but he does with jongin!! i think it's got a lot to do with how soft and shy jonginnie is

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who do you think is the favorite hyung/dongsaeng (or both) of each exo member in the group?

i have been thinking abt this for a while but in general, my answer is going to be kris or joonmyun, bc they're the two most likely to dote on the members younger than they are. lu han gets an honourable mention.

(this is nothing against minseok obv!! he's just a lil less likely to step in when someone's all sobby, etc)

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who do you think seems like jongdae's closest friend in exo?

jongdae is not even in the top half of my bias list so i am probably not the best person to ask but idk, baekhyun?? i think he's v v fond of joonmyun, but i think he and baek are more on the same level, whereas joonmyun is more like hyung/dongsaeng. any of chinguline, rly, including kyungsoo

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its true that there is not a lot of subbed stuff out there for them, tho they have been on weekly idol and its subbed plus a beauty program but this article is great too

thanks anon!! weekly idol is always good. i'll keep these in mind!!

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have you ever considered writing more of minah from girl's day? i noticed that you have slipped her in/mentioned her in more of your fics lately

well, yes and no. i'm not sure i'd feel comfy writing minah on a major basis bc i have never rly watched a ton of girl's day stuff!! like they're adorable but...have they even had shows?? or whatever?? there always seem to be less subbers for girl's groups. i love girl's day a lot but i don't have a solid picture of who they are/the way they interact, so i wouldn't feel able to do minah, or any of the rest of them, justice

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What's your favorite thing about spring?

no snow/slush and cheap easter candy

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are you a lot like your bias(es)? or are you very different?

i don't think i'm very much like my biases at all, tbh. i suppose i share kris' marshmallow core, but that's abt it!!

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What's the funniest prank you ever pulled on someone?

i don't pull pranks, anon. even when i'm surprising someone i can barely keep a secret tbh i get too excited

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say something nice to three people ❤❤❤ it can be anonymous if you want

1. if you don't come back and live with me i think i might die. do you want to do that to me?? don't do that to me
2. even if you're exactly the opposite of me in some respects, i love and admire you, and i hope you stay a part of my life for a long long time. also come here soon pls n_____n
3. thank you for never pulling your punches and for taking mine (that sounds terrible i mean in a metaphorical way we are not in fight club) and being one of my fav people to talk to!! ilu

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