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Bitchh,you doing all that flexing on ig yo ugly ass.you wouldn't have survived at gw if it wasnt for them girls you hung with protecting you, you junkie wearing everbody shoes and stuff Gul juss stop.remeba when love was bout to beat tf outta ya?lmmfao.flexing for the gram and stuff people change.

ohh good too knoww . ✌️ thanks for showing all that aggression . ✋ byee hoee causee i aint got timee why the fvck yuu wont say who tf yuu is ✊ but yuu got all this timee too sit up heree & talk ✌️

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I've seem you talk to people you one talked shit bout.........smh.

ohh kool , all yall hoess got shit too say but aint gonee do shit so i aint got timee im so tiredd of yall on mee & shit but thats all yall do it tell mee shit dat yuu want me too get mad about or talk about . ✋ so i aint got timee bye hoee ✌️
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✌️ You Faker Than The Stuff You Wear.

ohh good too know . but can yuu tell me how ? thats wat i thought ✌️bye bihh ✌️

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