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Whats the most weirdest thing you saw in a dream?

Yeahhhh…….I can give the answer very well 🥺
I was having a normal dream don't remember what about and I realized I was dreaming. Then everything went dark like shades of brown and red.
I was being chased by this thing and i know i'm dreaming so I'm trying to wake myself up but I cant.
I end up getting killed and I wake up in my bed but I'm still dreaming I've had a false awakening.
The same thing happens i'm getting chased, I die and had a false awakening. This happened like 3-4 times before I start worrying. I'm aware I'm dreaming so I start getting scared, I begin to think that will i ever wake up. I try to jump off my house, run into a wall, fight the thing chasing me but I keep having a false awakening. Finally I do wake up in real life I began to check everything to make sure i am awake, I was sweating a lot and my heart was racing…🧟‍♂️🙀
Supna ki supne de naa te niri kalolan hi si 😛🤦🏻‍♂️

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Whats the most weirdest thing you saw in a dream

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what book should i read this winter? 📘

I may sound lil bit childish! But…
I think Lord of the ring series will keep you engrossed in winter evenings because we want to feel warm.
story exactly makes us feel warm and adventurous.
I know it's story it is totally unbelievable and unreal but still it catches you till end you always want to know what will happen next.
Maybe like a story that kids love as they love Harry Potter but the creativity of the concept, each character in that story and curiosity of what happens next? keeps you attached to it
Must read….once in a life
All age people's not only kids…


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