Ask @lovelessashi:

Might be weird, but going towards a relationship with someone 12 years younger than me (am 1 year younger than Paul). Do you have any tips on that? ^^

The hardest part of our age difference has been, in a broad term, experience. I find Paul knows much more about people and how they work. He's past the learning phase. I'm still learning, and it can make things frustrating for him.
Be patient. With that much of an age gap, even if you are very similar, there will be differences just based on experience with life.
I don't know anything about your relationship - but the age gap has helped solidify Paul's role in our DDLG dynamic.
Hope that helps. 🙂

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Are you ever going to make that little video? I'm honestly really interested to know more about little's and how it effects your life? I had never heard about a little before. I kinda have just a vague understanding of it now but again I want to hear more about it and how it works with you please.

Yes I will make it. I've been so busy with moving I haven't had time, or a computer, to do it.

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