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In 10 years time, will you be proud of what you are doing now?

Graduating college? Absolutely.
Procrastinating horribly on my last assignments? Not so much 😂

What do you wish ?

I wish all my schoolwork was done and I could just sit back and wait for graduation day

What are the best remedies for someone who has just been dumped?

Surround yourself with people that love you and things you love to do. And be kind to yourself—grief comes in many different forms and losing a relationship will definitely come with it’s own period of grief and mourning!

The Democrat party wants to prevent men from becoming nurses and child care workers. Biden is holding men back.

You wanna cite that for me or nah?

What to do say when both you and the person you are talking to online run out of things to say?

Ttyl ✌🏻

Does anyone else have random moments of OCD? Like it’s not 24/7 but it’s random

No and as someone who has actually been clinically diagnosed with OCD, I would appreciate if you didn’t use it so haphazardly.

After watching "Judas and the Black Messiah" do you really get the feeling that radical Leftists are so overmatched by the state they could never possibly win a toe-to-toe military or political fight?

Damn_Jehu’s Profile PhotoJehu
Lmao what

This one woman blew me just because I told her I was a marine. Idiots.

I imagine she also found you attractive enough. Ugly, creepy dude could tell a woman he’s a marine and still get nothing out of it.

Should America become male only ?

Yes just put all of the men in the world on these two continents and all of us women can take the rest of the planet. Good deal.

Would you rather work from home and cover your own equipment costs OR work in an office with company provided equipment?

jmatthew314’s Profile Photojmatthew314
Honestly it’s great when you have your own stuff but when you don’t have the money for things, having access like that is amazing. I will severely miss that about being in school.

How to Travel on an Airplane If You Suffer from Claustrophobia?

I haven’t flown much but the one time I did, the plane I left on was great, specious and comfortable. But my second flight from my layover in Atlanta was so tight and uncomfortable and being claustrophobic I really struggled.

Who here suffers from sleep apnea? Hmmm 🤔

I suspect that I do but I have never gotten around to doing a sleep study

Do you have any advice for people starting out on youtube?

Just so what you love and enjoy and don’t worry about making any money.

What's the movie that made you cry?

A lot of movies! I remember the first movies to make me cry were A Walk to Remember and Phantom of the Opera lol

I went to taco bell and the guy at the counter asked me if I wanted to add 'blownut' to the order, what is that?

Just say no

The majority of people in America are Christian. Charles Schumer is Jewish. We want Charles Schumer replaced with a Christian. Time is up Charles !!! orangecatphoto@yopmail

Why are y’all like this

Why would you like to be friends with someone that broke your heart and pushed you away even though you tried to be friends with them?

Anlyis’s Profile PhotoLuis Mendoza
Idk, attachment issues probably lmao

Why is there a limit on the number of shoutouts before you have to wait 20 minutes?

Probably cause y’all annoying af with these shoutouts

I don't know what is worse, being homeless, with a little income, or working too much and mental health and family life tanking.

Being homeless. Way less options, way more dangerous, way more stigma, way harder to get out.

Why do people make fun of youngest child ? I had to get 100 stitches after he was born. It was very painful to get him out but I love him.

b800_00’s Profile PhotoF_805_008

Do you like movies from DC ?

I don’t usually like superhero movies, or even action films in general.

how would you describe your type?

Generally I am attracted to rather classically masculine guys? And I love dark hair, brown eyes...athletic/fit for sure. Which is sad cause I’m not exactly that way myself 😅 though my type of fitness is outside stuff—hiking, exploring, kayaking, biking, etc. (Sorry...that’s no longer relevant 😂)
Personality-wise, I tend to go for less emotional men, I think in part because I gravitate towards more intellectual types, and also because I’m looking for someone a little more grounded than I am lol. But yeah, I cannot get myself the slightest bit interested in men who aren’t very intelligent or well-read, worldly, or ambitious. I cannot be with someone who isn’t as adventurous as me, or who lacks passion and doesn’t generally know who he is. I also cannot stand a big ego 😅 Guy can be hot af but if his ego if the size of a tank, bye ✌🏻

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Are school clubs not for everyone?

I would sure think so. People generally join clubs in high school and even undergrad for the sake of a college/job application, and less out of pure enjoyment and desire. Cause let’s be honest—we’re busy. So to give our time to something like that either comes from pure enjoyment or personal gain. And if you don’t care about either, then why should you do it?

How do you know you're in love?

Depends what you mean by “in love”. Not everyone will define it the same way. But for me, I would say that you can’t know until you’ve passed that initial honeymoon phase. But if that lasts long enough, well, might as well accept it lol.
But because I think love is about what we do and how we treat others, I think you know you love someone when you’re willing to put them before yourself. However, if you’re the type to be submissive and not have very good boundaries and are a pushover, etc., then perhaps you can ask yourself what it means to particularly love your person. I think part of that would need to include learning and establishing healthy boundaries. Doing things like saying no, not enabling negative behaviors, standing firm. Love very much includes boundaries as much as it does selfless giving.

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Any advice for love?

Consider that love is something you can both get and give from anyone; it doesn’t just have to be romantic. And love is never a feeling—love INVOKES feelings (and sometimes they aren’t always happy feelings—it’s why we can get so extra angry at the people we love most). Love is a verb—love *does*. And what does love do? Well, look at how God treats his people. Because God is love.


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