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True Relationship is ?

maaznazeer’s Profile PhotoJerry.♡
the one with God. it never fades away. take one step after Him and He’ll run after you. He’ll always wait for you to return to Him even when you fail. He’s the only one who can fulfill all of your expectations. a human isn’t capable of that. so only set your expectations with Him. He’ll never disappoint. He’ll give you unconditional love and care and nourish your soul into something better every day. He will help you heal.

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Jis hisaab se uska mere dil pe Qabza hai, wo bhi kisi talibaan se kam nahi.

imerryhere7_’s Profile PhotoK I T K A T
the people i dislike the most are the ones who make jokes and remarks about sensitive topics like this. that makes you extremely insensitive tbh. i wonder what you’d say if you were in those afghani’s place. i wonder if you saw smt like this on social media while you were being devoid of your home, what you’d say. or feel. disgusting. disrespectful. immature.

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Paaaaaaannnnnn paaaaaaannnn paaaaaan paaaaaaannnnn paaaaannnnnn paaaaannnn paaaaannnn paaannn📯🎺📯🎺📯🎺📯🎺📯🎺📯🎺📯🎺📯

imerryhere7_’s Profile PhotoK I T K A T
have a break have a kitkat
but dont have K I T K A T

Shaqal jitni bhi achi ho height choti ho to koi faida nhi. I hv lost all my confidence. I dont even feel comfortabl talking to the opposite gender bcz of this reason. I think nobody wd ever love me.💔💔😔

high five? im short too?
tbh it don’t matter. the right person will love you anyways. regardless of your height.
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