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Are you okay?

I'm exhausted, got alot of worries but just sick of there not being someone for me.
E.g. I always try to better for people. But they never want what's best for me. So hopefully just work on me for a bit...
Sorry for draging this on
Look at the positives just picked up a second job.
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Am I the only one who become very suspicious when a physically attractive person suddenly message me here?

Nope definately not.

When you're writing articles or blogs. How many of you struggle to come up with a good headline?

Not gonna lie.. I probably have the most basic and shittiest instagram captions.
Liked by: Xerx3s

Would you delete your social media for a healthy relationship?

I've done it before and they still cheated on me so tbh #trustissues #tmi

Ever lend you username and password to anyone? 😅 DO NOT EVER. That's the craziest thing to do. 😅😅😅

Nah but good thing you can always change passwords that's a possibality for you if u need. You seem like ur going though so stuff atm.

What should I do, I’m fckin confused.. I wanna add this girl on Facebook, at the same time I’m scared that she might not accept my friend request😢😌😅

Dose she know you, cause u got 60% chance if she dose

Do you believe that you can accurately judge your own manners? Or is there any other people that can describe you better?

No one could describe me better then me. Actually yes my mum ahhahahaha

Hello how are you it Raining in Brisbane and a bit cool i hope all is well with you

Hi yeah its raining here, and im good

Do you like pigeons?

I hate when birds fly over me, but other then that, I dont really see pigeons.

Is it all right to lie to save hurting someone's feelings

Depends, how close you are to them, and or they to you.

Do you think that poems are the best squeezed out part from all thoughts ??

Yes and it should of been said yesterday

Girls how can a guy. Approach youse and talk to youse, without youse being so bitchy and mean about it girls tell me.. When would you girls learn respect😌😅😒

omg the day you stop being so stupid,
the men and woman who see this wont necessarily be able to relate. I can't, cause 1 im female and 2 your being disrespectful in the question you asked, so expect a disrespectful response.

And if she's a bitch, its cause she dosnt like you.

approach someone else?
Liked by: michaeltrop

What to do if your ex is getting married?

Laugh and imagine how sad that is for the lady whos gonna be with him.


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