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Help me unlock my lfs 0.6p to s3, I can not create the account, you can help me? Thank you

Try/Ask in this forum ->

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Back fire 0.6p have ?

cause of many versions of LFS were released that project is paused for now.

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I created the sound of "vtec". I want to upload a mod. What should I do?


Hey, Thank you for asking. If you interested to upload your sound to this website just send a message in facebook @ (fast reply) or you can send a email to lrworkswebsite at yahoo dot com
Thank you for sharing.

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Opel Astra G?


Hey, thank you for asking. Look down below in the bottom of the page in the link section of our partners. They may have it for you.

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how do you install lfs mods?

Hey, thank you for asking. Use this browser for better download performance: and all the tutorials I have found in youtube in different languages. Hope this usefull to you. Greets.

How to install LFS (Live for speed) Car Mods:

Tutorial - Como colocar Carros No LFS:

LFS Autó Berakás És Formula 1 Hosszú gyorsítás Tutorial

How to get car mods for LFS on pc for free!

LFS manqanebis Chayra Advilad

lfs e36 yaması

Tutorial #2 Kaip ikelti skiną į lfs lietuviškai

KaaBooS طريقة تنزيل السارات (الموتر) في لعبة لايف فور سبيد

Como poner autos en lfs

TUTO comment mettre des mods sur LFS

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Thank you very much for the A3! It would be very nice if the interior were better (working gauges)


No problem. That's why we don't post it in the main lr website. We only accept good quality mods and with fairly interior. Glad you liked. Best wish from Lr works team.

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Can you make Audi A3 8L please?

There's A3 for XRG at this link not sure if works online or need tweak. Thank you for asking.

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new car mods ?

will be posted if anything new is around just check website week by week or in facebook. thank you for asking.

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Parabéns mano adoro teus trabalhos, #tamosJuntos


:) (Y)

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Thank you so much !

Allways here for any help, No problem.

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Unless can you tell me how you guys make it those cars for '' Live for Speed '' ? A mean everything , which program you use it how it turnet in ( DDS and VEH textures ) and where you find those car textures ? PLSS !

For making mods you need to know how to programming in Python (Gen_Black) and editing 3d models. Theres a tutorial on the internet with a source you can download here and you need to have a 3d making program like 3d max. You need to import or create on your own your model car unless you have it from somewhere like downloaded it from a 3d website then you need to modify accordind to lfs restritions and convert it to veh with gen_black. You can look that tutorial it will help you.

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Porsche 918 Spyder, BMW X6, Audi S8 , Porsche 911 , Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Porsche Panamera, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, BMW 750i , Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes S550 Brabus theese car I want it so much <3 plss make it for me !

Greetings. Thank you for asking. We will add those mods to the list. We have to let you know that car mods must be for all players available that's the main goal of this website and making them depends on availabe time, the work we have, easy find on internet and cooperation \ sympathy from all mods creators we contact. If you want them exclusive with specific modification you need to contact those creators by clicking in the link at the bottom of our webpage. Hugs

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Why dont you make it Porsche Carerra Gt ?

There are few mods we need to update now and we don't have enought time as you see. My friends is looking as possible anything good from internet to provide. We will try our best to have any mods people want but first I will take note of that mod and will put it into a list of mods requested. Thanks for asking. Best regards.

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Im Fiat Bravo HGT mod waiting

Hey. We looking the best and with high quality mods from the internet. If we got some spare time will make new mods. We will make a list for most requested cars also so ppl can vote and decide the car that we will be looking or made it. Thanks for asking, soon as possible and if we found it we add that car at the website.

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