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everyday I think about you. every day I love you. everyday am with you. you are my Beliebers, my girls. You are mine!

Justin Bieber

Dear Beliebers

Justin Bieber
I love you, but my personal life is personal. Coming online and reading those questions that are very personal... it just makes me mad you know? Yes, I do wanna be open with you, wich is why I made this account, but stop asking questions about me and Selena or me and Caitlin. No, I never cheated on anyone and I think it's really innapropriate to ask if me and Selena had sex. It's a very personal question and I just want for you guys to accept my privacy. I hope you understand.
Much love,

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#BELIEVE is on ITUNES and in STORES WORLDWIDE! - SO MUCH LOVE FOR THE are always there for me and I will always be there for you. MUCH LOVE. thanks

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