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Are antismoking ads effective?

For the most part they are but unfortunately way too many people are addicted to nicotine, and it takes more than an ad to quit. The big tobacco companies just want more and more money so the try their best to get people hooked. I just hope people realize what they are doing to their bodies when they smoke, and that anybody who is starting out smoking to quit before it gets harder to.

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Imitate your friends?

Get off you're phone (on phone)
Duuude that's siiiick
Ew she's ugly (not ugly)
Oh look rhea
Hey guys
* leaves to talk to rhea
Josh you're so annoying
*doesnt do homework
Yeah I surf
Hangs up Skype right as his mom comes in
*still doesn't do homework
Oh look it's rhea
*buys munchies at break
What are you guys talking about?
*gets more munchies
What's going on?
I don't get it
*more munchies
Locals only breeaaewww
I'm confused
Wanna surf
Surfing is literally my life
Hightech burrito Student special every day
Josh Burr:
I'm not touching you
What have I ever done to you
Fuck you lucas!
I have to walk home because of you
Should I tickle the sleeping hobo?
*comes into my advisory and then gets kicked out immediately
Yeah mobius is cool
Geymers doent do hoemwork
Cross country speeeeeeed
*smashes all my chips and throws them at me
Hey Rex go row, HAHAHA!!!!!!!!
*Insults random strangers
*causes a scene
You're a nark
Drake sucks
*moves to tam
Tam is sooooo great
I hate sleepy hollow!
Moves to mill valley
Moves back to sleepy hollow
Lives on 69 legend road (literally I'm not kidding)
Yeah I like art
Bad me, naaaaaaahhh, bad youuu
Yeah I'm hella smart now (not)
Tumblr life

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Truth isss you're really nice and seriously you are hella good at English. Like holy crap inspirational lolz. Hahah and we should get to know each other cause you seem really great! Ps Kate and I have a major #mcm on you!!!

Thanks, you seem like a nice person as well. I don't know what mcm is but thanks? Anyway you're pretty good at volleyball and tchoukball and you seem like a fun person to hang out with.

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