Ask @LucasKingPiano:

All Hail the King ! I love your music. :) I read that you play by ear because you're afraid of sheets. I'm just curious, is that phobic ? Or a bad experience..? Whatever, your songs always make me feel special, and just.. Keep going ! (NB : sorry if I made any mistakes, I'm french)

Thank you!! No it's not a phobia haha, I'm trying to learn I've been practicing a little every day to try and get better at reading music. Its a slow going but I'm learning =)

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Hey I was wondering if you are still accepting people for Cat and Mouse. I would love to be a part of it. I can write and act/voice act. I absolutely love both batman and death note and would absolutely die (in a good way) if I could be a part of this

I haven't started looking for people yet, but I'd love to have you involved! =)
Here's the story on Wattpad by the way

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I was wondering if I may have your permission to use your song 'isolation' in a video I'm making. I'll give full credit to you of course, but would like to use it as the background music for a dance video to raise awareness for mental illness. (I will send you a link once its done) Thanks Jazz :)

Yeah sure you can use it. What sort of dance do you do out of interest??

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Hi Lucas, im a fellow pianist that would like to share my compositions on youtube but dont know how to start. I know you need quite a bit of equipment for that. You really inspired me to do this so thank you for that! Also i really love your music. <3

You just need a MIDI piano, and a DAW (Logic Pro, FL Studio, Adobe Audition, Garageband etc.)
Once you've got them two you can start uploading to YouTube.
You could try and find a phone thats got good quality but I doubt that the sound quality would be all that good.
Thank you very much and good luck with your composing! =D If you ever get stuck let me know I'll help you

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Hiya Lucas, lots of months ago you uploaded a video called champion and in its description you said something about a story about brothers who box which you might want to do. I want to ask you if you are still working on it or not, because I would really like to hear that story :D Thanks ^^

Hey! Really cool that you're interested in that, I've wrote 12 chapters so far. I've put them on wattpad as drafts I'll set them to public if you're interested in seeing what I've wrote so far?

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