Ask @lukeross1999:

Luke, the moment I saw those posts, I was so touched. I love you so much, you are the best boyfriend I ever have. I love you more than everything!! ❀️❀️❀️ All I want for 2018 is you!! Let's make the relationship foreverrrrrrrrrrr. Because I just want you!

Shelby Marcus
Thank you for your kind words babe, I love you too!!! You’re the best girlfriend ever!!!!! All I want for 2018 is you too baby!!!!! Let’s make the relationship forever!!!! And please be online? I miss you terribly!!!!!

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My babe @ShelbyMarcusRolePlay

Luke Ross
She’s my everything!!!!!! She means a lot to me!!!!!! I love her so very much with all my heart and soul!!!!! She’s so pretty, cute, adorable, gorgeous, beautiful, incredible, awesome, fun to be with, lovable, huggable, kissable, bubbly, cheerful, perky, sensitive, ticklish, Wonderful, and amazing. I love our moments with her. Let’s keep it this way forever!!!!!!!!!!
Shelby, my baby, if you’re reading this, I want our relationship will go on forever!!!!!!! I love you so much baby!!!!!!!! And have a happy new year!!!!!!

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