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Your cute and What's your favourite social media ?

Lol gracias! Def instagram feel free to follow me! lumpyquick15

Are you dating or do you have a crush on anybody?

I am currently single and I don't really have a crush on anyone right meow haha

Do you believe in love?

Well of course haha just as long as you find someone who loves you as much as you do, unlike my last relationship where my ex told me that she didn't have feelings for me during the last 6 weeks of our relationship
Liked by: Mallory Dean Matheu

How often do you go to parties?

Literally never cause I honestly don't feel that comfortable there unfortunately 😁😳😅

What great quote would you like to share?

"Walk a mile in another mans shoes. After that, who cares? You're a mile away and you got their shoes."

How did you come up with your username?

It's my nickname I got in baseball during sophomore year when I was on the pitchers mound and I told the coach it was a little "lumpy"

What are you interested in?

Well I want to be a cop after I graduate from college since I think it would be a awesome job 👮🚓🚨

If you sea go swirling then you shouldn't eat the seaweed cause if the sea go swirling it will hit the seashore when you see it swirling in the sea ~ try singing that haha

egarig22’s Profile PhotoErika Garig
Nah I'll just stick to wheels on the bus go round and round it's a classic 😜
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What was your first paid job?

Working at Kids inc in Apple hill it was a pretty solid job since I got free apple pies


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