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Are you perhaps Japanese?

What is your nationality?


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Have you watched Gone girl (2014) ?


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are you okay? how are you?

still worthless lol

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You didn't bother me, really. I don't want you to feel alone. But I'm gonna be honest, I used to like being online because I thought that people appreciated me more here. But not really. At the end of the day, we're still strangers unless we want to be something more. You have to let someone in real life know how you feel. I want to comfort you, I really do. I even thought about asking you if you wanted to be friends (but I'm afraid of asking that because I'm boring and I suck at conversations).

I don't know how to comfort or help you even though I really want to. I'm sorry if I don't know what to do.

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just let me feel you're concern by asking why eventhough you're not, lies comfort me anyway, very little things how others see, comfort me i'm so sorry so sorry

I'm not lying. I really am concerned. One of the things I've told myself is to help those who aren't helped because I don't want them to know what it's like to feel that nobody cares about them. I know the feeling. That's why I don't want them to feel it. I'm concerned because I cannot imagine how painful it must be. That's gotta hurt a lot. This is not okay. You shouldn't apologize to me for anything. You should apologize to and forgive yourself.

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no i'm thankful you asked me that, because no one asked me that, it feels like they don't care about it even though they see i'm suffering(the cuts) well i'm an ugly girl and i think i'm destinied to be that forever, thanks for asking :) i feel someone is concern about it eventhough you're not...

I am concerned. Honestly.

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ve somone in opposite sex interested in me, i never feel happy, idk being complimented feels like, only in online. but I used someone's picture, i know it's a lie but hey at least i can feel it, so that's the reason.

Same. My friends are liked. I see strangers checking them out. I'm just the nobody.

I hope you'll someday realize how beautiful you are.

If you ever send a question and I don't reply immediately, it means I've fallen asleep. I'll just reply once I read it.

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because i really hate how i look, because of it i'm suffering for many years...until know. I have big eyes, very dark skinned, big nose, and small thin dark lips imagine how unproportional is that, i look like an african eventhough i'm not, everyday in high school i always called ape, i never ha...

Okay, first of all, holy shit. I was nervous for how long it took you to reply because I thought that I might have scared you off into thinking that I've judged you.

I cut too. Not only on my arm.

I experienced crying myself to sleep just because of how ugly and fat I feel.

But anyway, using "ape" as an insult is dumb because at some point, all of us can resemble an ape. Also, those are really immature people. Stay strong. Don't listen to them.

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at least photo editors can edited out mine wouldnt, it would look weird, but still they like light skinned people, i even cut my face w a blade because of how i hate my looks it's a very horrible feeling, do u ever feel that too? sighs i wish i can get a plastic surgery

why. did. you. cut. your. face?

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well at least you're light skinned and your eyes are cute mine will never be, in my country dark skinned people are ugly, my eyes are super big, boys even call me and ape. im so sad :( you dont need to comfort me im just asking u some question so that i dont feel alone

I'm not light skinned. Thank VSCO and the nice lighting for making me look okay. I also have a dark tan skin color. In high school, there were people who joked around on calling me "nigga". I got teased about my skin, too. I even got codenamed as a skin whitening soap. There was once a time when I was just doing nothing and a stranger passed by and called me ugly. That really hurt me.

Skin doesn't define beauty. But media make it seem so. Don't be fooled by it.

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because men are visual being, do u ever feel that too? im fat, i have a big nose, big eyes and very dark skinned(not black but very tan), i don't want to live anymore i'm so sorry,maybe i will lock myself in the world of books

Sometimes, yes. I feel like a ghost when I walk around tbh. Although I prefer people not to look at me so I won't feel judged, I actually sometimes want someone to notice me. But no. I'm invisible lol.

Lock yourself with books? I did that. I wanted the world books gave me. At least I don't have to be beautiful or anything for them.

But hey, don't hate yourself.

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same. but i get harrased for it, no one even asked me for a dance in prom, i just sit there until the prom ends, it sucks i regret that i attended the prom, even my guy friend didnt asked me to dance w him, im sooo ugly it sucks,i have this feeling that i will be alone forever...

lol even i didn't get to dance with anyone in prom. I danced with my friends, yeah. But not the kind of dance wherein someone puts a hand on your waist or something. Not the kind of dance that involves physical contact. I don't know. I'm fat and ugly so, I'm good at disappointing the eyes of people.

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"men are visual creatures" are hunting in my mind, it makes me sad even more because despite of those enlightening words, it's true that they prefer attractive women than ugly like me so yeah sorry for the long msg random stranger im just lonely

It's fine. Really. I feel ugly. I am ugly. Sad how shitty our perceptions of ourselves can be. I hope you learn to accept yourself and see yourself properly. You don't need men to feel beautiful. Nobody needs anyone to feel beautiful. But mastering the art of being happy with how you look is complicated especially when you hate your appearance. Although I want to say some words of encouragement, I have nothing. I don't want to lie. I don't want to pretend. I don't wanna be like any self-help books. I'm sorry if I couldn't really help or comfort you.

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You're pretty tho, i'm the only ugly here, the super ugly...but do u ever feel that once in your life? i always apply make up, i rebonded my hair but despite of that i still feel ugly i feel that this is all fake, compare to those naturally beauties, i feel unsatisfied...

You're making an effort yet you still feel ugly? I know what it's like. I guess it's not about what we put on ourselves, but how others actually make us see ourselves. We shouldn't seek their approval. But sometimes you just can't help but think that you're only beautiful or worth it if people say so or make you feel so. And, even though I hate to admit it, in this world, being beautiful gives you an advantage.

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hi random stranger! I'm the ugly friend do you ever wonder what does it feel like to be the pretty friend? to be wanted by everybody? i have this pretty friend but she never appreciated that, she wants more and it pisses me off so i distance myself to her besides she reminds me of my insecurities...

I've always wondered what it's like to be the pretty friend because I'm the ugly friend when it comes to my group. I'm the one who's not given a second glance when passed by. I'm the one who notices people looking at my friend/s. I don't really want attention, but sometimes, I just want to be noticed because of actually being noticed. But I guess that's nearly impossible.

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i think that you wouldve been a great person if you werent so anxious and sad most of the time, its scary


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Are you happy with the amount of information in your head?


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i am so depressed to the point im getting suicidal but im afraid to get hurt physically im so lost why is it like this help me

I don't know how to handle stuff like that, honestly. But if anything, search for an outlet or even a distraction. Write, draw. Watch movies, read books, listen to music (if you're gonna listen to music, don't listen to sad music.) Talk to your friend about random things. Sleep.

I don't really know. Main point is that you should keep yourself busy so the thoughts can't get your entire attention.

Never ever entertain the thought of ending your life.

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May nanligaw na ba sa iyo?


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ikabubuti mo yun i'm just saying this because bilib ako sa iyo at gusto kong iparating na i wish you see yourself like how i see you bye sorry na din kung na offend kita pwede mo tong burahin bye for real

(okay so i re-answered almost everything with :-) kasi halos di naman tayo nagkakaintindihan eh, honestly, real talk, no offense)

I appreciate the effort, but you can't just go and say that I might be using excuses just to be like this, because I'm not. Di mo pwedeng basta-basta sabihin iyon without considering kung ano ba pinagdadaanan ng ibang tao. And mind you, not everyone who does not have a reason to be like this does not become like this. Am I using it as an excuse? No. I'm explaining. Here's the case, you'll meet people. At sa dami ng tao, lahat tayo may insecurities and problems. But here's the thing. It's not about "coping up". You'll meet people who are shy, insecure and have low self-esteem. Some people would get over it. Some, kahit nag-e-effort, di makakaget-over. Why? Kasi kahit anong gawin nila, maging masaya man sila, may mga araw na parang maghihila sa kanila pabalik sa simula. Minsan wala pang dahilan. There's a difference between using something as an excuse and being aware of it. And I'll be honest. What you're referring to is sadness, not depression.

You see, mahirap intindihin ang pinagkaiba. Like I said, tumahimik na ako. Every time I open up, I'm either misunderstood or not taken seriously. And that makes me feel like crap. So ayon, tumigil ako. It's my way of sparing myself from regrets. But I do get jealous of others who just post about depressing stuff and get noticed or helped. Because I used to be like that minus the getting noticed part. And what happened? I got labelled as "emo". And that is an ultimate insult for me.

You can't just go and act like you understand what it's like to have it, to live with it and fight against it. You can't just go and assume that I'm not making any effort at all to get better because trust me, I've done a lot of things already. Did they help? Yes. But there's gonna be a time when I just suddenly start feeling really, really sad and then bigla nalang kung ano-anong papasok sa isip ko tapos maghahanap ako ng lalapitan wala akong malapitan at takot ako. So tinatago ko nalang sa sarili ko. Everybody thinks I'm fine, but I'm not. Everyone thinks that he knows what it's like to be like this, but he doesn't. Maybe it's because nasanay tayong gamitin ang adjectives na related to mental illnesses. And as you may notice, adjectives like them (depressed, anxious, psychotic, bipolar) are synonyms of lighter words (sad, nervous...). At alam naman natin na minsan yung iba akala pareho meaning ng dalawang salita porket synonyms sila. Pero sa katotohanan ay hindi. Mayroong mas magaan, mas malala. At siguro dahil sa misconception at misunderstanding natin, hindi na natin alam ang totoo.

Also, nakakainis ako, di ba? Kasi parang ako gumagawa ng dahilan para maging ganito. Well, let me tell you this. Knowing someone with depression or anxiety is difficult. You must be "patient". And, as much as possible, don't confront them with tough love.

Anyway, thanks for caring, I guess.

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"how can i even cope up with the chemical imbalance of my brain" I think u already know the answer, lagi mo lang ginagawang excuse yung mga nasa isip mo para maging ganyan ka or not? pero kung naka punta ka na sa professionals papayuhan ka naman doon diba? why hindi mo sundin? para din naman sa

i never use it as an excuse

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ep going, ang mundo mo ay ang sarili mo kaya kung hindi mo iintindihin, ano na? hindi umiikot ang mundo para intindihin tayo you're amazing lurendscallin ayaw mo lang maniwala sa sarili mong nakakabilib ka


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magandang malasakit and thats all matters even though hindi yun ang gusto mong mangyari bibigyan ka pa rin nila ng isang bagay na sa tingin nilang magiging comfortable ka at masaya at malay mo hanggang doon lang makakaya nila, pero malaking effort na yun. believe in yourself to be strong and keep go


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lalo na kung hindi nila napag dadaananan at kapag napagdaanan na nila you two are still different because humans have different ways to cope up with such matters in their life, kaya sa bandang huli nasa sa iyo pa rin yan pero i think lalo na yung mga may pake at mahal ka kaya ka nilang bigyan ng


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