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Do you ever feel like it was a good decision to walk away or wished you tried a little to keep your person?

I did all I could it was on their behalf to feel that way you think I feel

Ive been talking to this girl for some good time, how do i go about giving her a hug?

Just do it like Nike

Why are you always blaming me? I am emotionally and mentally tired. 😔😭

Who blamed who on what ? This is no blame game . I am also emotionally and mentally exhausted

So me and this girl have been talking, and i even told her im comftorable around her and i can open up to her, i asked her to a smoke sesh and she said yeah but in a very low quiet way and she looked down, she also said yeah you have my number soooo. Is she into me? Will she say yes if i ask her out


You asked me to leave you alone and I did you asked me to forget about you I did you told me that you happy and I said good for you so why I've been getting attack from you any explanation?

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I’m sorry if you felt that way


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