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What do you think about suicidal people?

This is something I shouldn't talk about at this point in time

Tbh: vagina. A A A A A A S F F A A D F D D A D A A A A A A A A S Dd F F D D D D Da Af D S S A F G We F F A D D A Rate: DICK

I don't get those words.. because I'm #prudeforlife

If you could close one fast food chain because of disgusting food, which one would you pick?



Well, in sixth grade there was this girl who just came and sat at our table at lunch with me emma terae and lea. Anyway, she became my best friend. We went to walmart and bought posters and put EVERY insider we had on it with puff paint. We got a journal and wrote notes back and forth during school. Let me just tell you some guys were just dying to see it. We had our first fight over me showing someone one thing that was in it. We've always had our ups and downs. That sounds like really stupid because everyone says that but, its true. Julia always listens to my endless talks about nothing. She laughs at my stories even when I know they aren't funny. She tells guys that I don't like them anymore and to back off. She tells me that I need to get over things even when she knows I don't want to hear it. She has stuck by me and I have stuck by her. I will forever love julia. Julia is my best friend. and will be until the day I die. I love her... and you get all that just from putting a name with a question mark.

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We are gonna have Christmas lights and a disco ball inside our locker! We can fill it with Candy! Ooooooo and gum ✊:)

Mhmm totes. We can have a party locker and everyone will always be there. I'll buy the candy you buy the disco ball. Lets get a speaker too
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Tbh: I don't even know why you liked this. Don't think about me. I think about you 25/8 doeee.(; we gonna share a locker next year? Or nah? Rate: like a -69. Jk 10! date; I ain't about that life especially with yo crusty self. Jk jk(;

yeah we should share a locker next year! we can put so many fake love notes in it. lmao. and oyou smell like fish so whatever.
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song lyrics your crush likes?

how am i supposed to know. I don't even like anyone. Society makes me sick


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