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Qu'est ce qui te fait le plus plaisir : offrir des cadeaux ou en recevoir ?

En offrir car après sa me permet d'en recevoir :') donc en gros, les deux haha!〰

De quelle couleur sont les chaussettes que tu portes en ce moment?

Noir, blanc et rose. C'est des chaussettes Monster High haha.〰
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Quelle est la personnalité la plus stylée ?

Tout les tueurs que j'aime comme jason Voorhees, Michael Myers etc..

wow lol.. you love them more than anything ?? seriously ? that actually make me laugh cause you love people who doesnt exist.. but well.. ._.

Your like the other.. This isnt the first time that I hear this kind of things.. They cant understand cause they are stupid and narrow minded, like this fucking useless ppl who deserve to die. ~

oh.. good.. i thought you was evil lol so, well.. :)

I am evil at times that I have to.. I hate people so.. Im evil anyway. I just wish their death. ~

but how are doing to watch (horror) movies then.. do you have a tv, laptop.. ?

I use my phone and I watch horror movies with headphone.. Thats logical cause otherwise they will hear me and Ill get big problems..

your very young.. do your parents let you watch horror movies ?

Generally, I watch horror movies alone in my bedroom the night.. So I can watch horror movies without problem.. My father hate horror movies, he find it too much bloody and this isnt his kind.. My mother like horror movies but more when it is zombie, not killer.. I dont really like zombie, I really much prefer killers..

give me an example of difference between (horror) movies and reality..

Theres not really difference cause theres some horror movies who are taken from reality..

why do you love horror movies ?

Because theres blood, sadism.. I love many things in horror movies.. ~

Quel est le meilleur service de musique? Pandora, Soundcloud, Deezer ou Spotify?

SoundCloud car je ne suis pas sur les autres

Quelle est la chose la plus dangereuse que tu aies faite ?

Jouer avec des couteaux :3 Oui parce que j'adore ça >:) ^_^


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