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can we, as a society, start to realize that having a phone does NOT mean you HAVE TO BE accsessible to anyone and everyone at ALL times??
My mom threw a fit at me for not answering my phone while i was at my friends place. Kinda hypocritical too, given how much she complains that “youth these days spend to much time on their phones”
My boss was very CLEARLY not satisfied that i only got back to his text hours after he sent it. My friend didnt speak to me for weeks once bc she thought we were having a FIGHT??? bc i didnt reply to her message on facebook? till the day after she sent it??
i HAVE a phone, that doesnt mean i HAVE TO BE availiable whenever ANYONE decides they want me to be???
what the fuck
can people stop assuming they are entiteled to my attention 24/7??
-this is so important. people need their alone time & their space. & it doesn’t matter if you see them active on social media, sometimes people just like to scroll through their timeline without talking to anyone for a while. you really can’t expect to have someone’s attention every second of the day, it’s not realistic at all.

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Ако искаш ще ти пиша на съобщения да си говорим утре ще видя какво си ми пратила на английски език като го преведа на преводача и ще ти отговоря. Лека нощ за сега утре ще ти отговоря на въпросите.

Лека нощ 😊

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+1 answer in: “Голямо растояние ни дели и затова не може да се виждаме и да се расхождаме заедно. Я ми кажи ти харесваш ли ме? Аз чувствам силни чувства към теб като чета твоите отговори.”