Any choreographer tips?

we definitely encourage anyone and everyone to sign-up !!! :)
but keep this in mind: choreographing a dance is time consuming and not easy. It is very difficult to choreograph a dance without much previous dance experience, and it is hard to choreograph a complex yet easy-enough dance for mostly novice dancers. In addition, leadership as well as responsibility is needed in choreographers. Not only will you be creating a 2-3 minute dance from scratch, but you will have to hold your own meetings, contact your own dancers, and earn the respect of your participants. A lot of emphasis is being put in this answer because choreographing is not something easy and should not be taken lightly. During last summer, the girl's dance took about two straight weeks to choreograph, meeting most days at Saif's house every day from 10 AM-4 PM. In other words, choreo is difficult, but highly rewarding. If you're up for it, step up to the challenge!