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What do you do when you can’t sleep?

Count or cuddle my husband. If that doesn’t work, melatonin.

How do you deal with your anxiety?

Take photos, draw, sing, dance spend some quality time with my husband.

Would you choose to forget your past if you had the choice? Why/why not?

It’s a hit and miss. There’s some points where I wish I could forget and some points that I want to remember.

Most important in a date: Intelligent or Funny?

For me, funny because it shows there playful side. ❤️

Any ideas on wtf I can do in quarantine ? 🥺😏 help !

jamesotic’s Profile PhotoJames ✔
Play video games, watch movies, read a book, dance around the house to music! ❤️

Dedicate a song to your crush and tag them if you're brave!

He doesn’t have ASKFM but..

Out Of My Heart - Jerrod Niemann

How to protect yourself from the virus? #StayAtASK

Stay home. If you can’t practice safe distancing.

Do u feel sorry for girls in edmonton for boyfriend taste choices?

Sometimes. Depends on the girl and depends on the guy.
Though, if they are happy together. Let them be.


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