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Thou incarnadine like a bashful firefly my whole heart filled with desperation and appeasement, thus making me greater and stronger than a vengeful colossus led by his strength of will on the path for the regaining of his own kingdom. - VN.

Tell me I'm the only one, the only one you're thinking of. Tell me I'm your damnation, that I'm in your every dream. Tell me that you wan’t me out, cause I'm the best you've ever had. Tell me that our kingdom is our son.
Then love me for the night and the rest of our whole life.

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❝Is evil something you are? Or is it something you do?❞

Deianera Vikramaditya.
I tried, during most of my short life, to be what I thought I was supposed to be.
I mean to be exemplary, similar to others so as to feel safe or approved, punishing myself for every bad thought I would have, ... I failed over and over, drifting away from "normality" a little more each time. Nowadays, I fake so much I forgot who I am at the core. I try to collect pieces and bring them back together to understand who I am. It's tough but, way less than pretending like I used to do. — 🥀

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