Ask @mJaradat95:

- مساحهه..💙'

Let's talk about how this universe was made.
Let's have a conversation about how people lived in the past, how things they used to do affect us now. Let's talk about subconscious, psychology and galaxies.
Let's zone out and imagine ourselves other people.
Love me in a way that makes me interested to know things more.
Love me in a way that make us less shallow.

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We are all occupied by the idea of meeting " The right person "..
There is no right person, there is no perfect love stories like movies.
The ones you're sure of all the way.
There is a person who may be completely different than you are.
A person that people warn you about, or your mind wants to run away from.
A person who is unexpected to fall in love with.
It's a sudden event, happens all at once.
And probably you'll doubt yourself a lot of tines before you believe in it.
But at the end, you'll be on the same way.
Because there isn't any other way back home.

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Shahed Abdo
I hope you find someone who would be eager to listen to your creepy thoughts before sleep.
Someone who would call you to tell you they saw something that reminded them of you.
I hope you find someone that would cancel plans just to see you before you travel.
Someone who would mention you in their future plans.
Someone who accepts the real you even if the real you is worse than how you appear to people.
I hope you find someone who loves you, not someone who loves how you love them.

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مسآحه 💛🌷 '

K A W T H E R || كَوثر ❌ '
I get too dissappointed when I hear " They were too in love, but they broke up ".
I can't relate both statement.
People fight, people would stay distant for awhile to feel better.
People would say words that could hurt for a lifetime.
They could say " I'll leave " but when it's about to happen. They don't.
Love is when everything is possible to happen. Except leaving for good.

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snaa zaid.
Praying isn't only the way you kneel to God.
And repeating verses you used to hear others saying.
Praying isn't body movements 5 times a day.
Praying is a connection between you and God.
It's like you're having a little conversation with God. You know you're heard and you know you're forgiven.
And if you believe that God would change your life. Your life changes.
It works like magic.💫🌸

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If you made someone smile everyday, you are not useless. You're precious.
If you think you are not special, the way you talk makes others want to move on with their lives.
The way you look at things may change someone's life.
The way you laugh at your troubles would make others hold on.
They way you smile at strangers would make them have a better day.
If you think you don't affect anyone. Think again.

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