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tbh we dont talk as much, we've skyped long before and talk a bit at school but you're so sweet and nice. I'd love to become closer with you. hmu haha we should hang out soon😁😁

AbbyChristy’s Profile Photoabby
Thankss😊😘 yess we should
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Tbh misselle i literally love u so so so much and im so happy to have u as a friend because ur so nice, sweet, pretty, and chill and i couldnt have asked for a better friend. Thank u for everything.

Afiza_Sarwari’s Profile PhotoAfiza Sarwari
Awee thankss😘 I love u sooo much too💕
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name 5 people besides family that you wouldn't be able to live without

Justin Bieber, Julia, Brandon
I can't think of 5.. Is that sad? Oops
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have you ever asked him if he does?

He said "yeah sure" which kinda means he isn't fully okay about it but he has nothing to worry about I mean it's just a celeb crush you know? Maybe? Idek

wouldn't saying that you have a celeb crush make Brandon feel bad?

Oopsies? Everyone knows I love Justin Bieber though and that he's my idol same with Shawn Mendes

whos your crush?

Brandon but he's my boyfriend and haha my crush(s) are like famous aka Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Jack Johnson, And Grayson Dolan haha

How do u feel about Rick Ross being put in prison for the second time in the same month for kidnapping?

idek who Rick Ross is..
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tbh Michelle youre just so amazing and so perfect. I'm so lucky to have you and I can't believe that after 5 months of not talking we r where we are now. you always make me smile when I talk to you and you make me feel warm inside. I could go on forever but I'm going to stop here. I love you 💙

brandon_tse’s Profile PhotoBrandon
awee thankss😘 I love you too💜
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