Love the game! Do you plan to make Wingman more realistic in the future.

Yes and no. We're going for a more refined look than the capsule-suit wingman (wingwoman?) is currently sporting, but we wouldn't dare go near photorealism. We actually kind of like the juxtaposition of the quirky looking stick figure on the detailed environment graphics, and with stylized characters we have more freedom.
When people say 'realistic', most of the time they mean 'convincing'. Right now the character model has its charms, but it's not very convincing yet. It should accurately reflect the underlying physics model, and show you what the wind is doing with the suit. It should somehow tie in with the rest of the world and not look out of place (unless intended).
If we take a stylized approach we can do things with the game that we couldn't otherwise. Take wind for instance, it's invisible right? In real life you can at least feel it, but we lack tactile input in games, so we have to find some other way to convey vital information. This is why in The Aurora Wager (our balloon flying game) we show while trails flowing through the sky.
Err, long story short: The final look for the game has yet to be decided. The character will become more detailed, more functional, more aesthetically appealing, but not necessarily more realistic. :)