This is NOT A GENERALIZED statement. But some people (some girls) can be real snakes. You open up. Start feeling a connection and by her messages you feel she feels that too. And suddenly out of nowhere she stops replying to your messages. Afterafew days says "i am not in the mood".NoVulgarityFromMe

I don’t know why people just point out girls and observe statements about them.. What you guys think about yourselves??
Let me explain
Phle ap ajeeb text krty agr apk text usko pershan krty aur wo block kr dy to bndi ma attitude hai agr wo seen kr k ignore kre to bndi to apne apko pta nai kia smjhti hai .. khud kabi apne apko dkha connection ki baat pr aty chlo agr man bi jye wo jisk sth connection wli feelings ari to bd ma agr wo man bi jye to tum larke kuch time pass krne k bad kse peechy ho jty ho ..sirf ek picture ki baat oti .. apne apko ko dekho pir larkiyun k barey ma kuch kehna .. untick kr dena ap agr gharat hai tu mard bn kr werna meh smjhun ge gay ho 😂😂 #achasorry
thelameassdude® also answered this question with: "This is quite a generalised statement from a loser's angle..."