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When you choose peace, It comes with a lot of goodbyes

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Humble behavior is so important for your life. When someone insulted you publicly but you kept your mouth shut and didn't talk back to him even though you had a thousand reasons to insult him back. Trust me, you are not weak, you're the strongest of them all.
One day that person will come to you and apologize for his/her behavior and tell you that you're the most humble person he/she had ever known. Everyone will secretly envy you for this quality. So, whatever people say about you in your back or in front of you don't talk back to them. Just keep your mouth shut and smile. Allah will increase your honor and give your own reward for this. In sha Allah.❤

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what has changed your outlook on life?

"Money is the solution of many problems."
For example, when you look at the life of a rich individuals like Bill Gates, Bernard Arnault, Elon Musk or Mukesh Ambani, it seems to be perfect. They have the perfect kids, clothes, vehicles, beautiful homes, and seem to have very little if any problems, but it’s not that they don’t have issues, it is simply the fact that they are able to quickly resolve them with money.

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Mention some good and old profiles on ask

These profiles and humans are 💯
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~All of you always stay grounded and humble, despite everything you've faced and accomplished.It's a rare quality and it makes you a great human being💛.

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