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Anything that could put a smile on someone's face.🌸

Bad Hacker
Depression is not a myth🙏
No one should have to suffer alone🌚
Every year thousands of people commit suicide due to this illness😩
We should remove this taboo and openly discuss such issues😒
It is not our job to decide who goes into heaven after the suicide or not😑
Our job as a human and muslim is to help others and listen them💯
_If you see someone or if u find yourself in this situation,get help Please🌸
_Let take the weight off their shoulders😞
_If u ever feel like this ,message me frankly😊We will surely have a talk🖤

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Bitter reality?

Muaz Abbas
Hmare haan 4 month ,8 month,2 saal,7 saal,12 saal yahan tk ke lrkay bhi rape se safe zone me ni ..
Kia hum itna gir chuky insaniat ke durjay se???
Ye sub sheetan pr dalnay walo kabhi nafs ko dekha?
Hr aurat ko srf buri nazr se kyu dekha jata???
Aur phr lame arguments dressing pr kie jaty wtf yar 4 month ki bchi ne kia vulgar dressing ki thi???? Me ye bolna ni chahta tha sub but aj facts and figures dekhy ......
_Lame tiktoks,stories,sub promote krein gay koi hero ho ga koi kuch...kabhi in issues pr bat krne ka socha????
_Sorry for my words🙏
_Join hands against child abuse👏
_Poor mentality👊

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Ghar me soi hui bachi ko ni chorty😷
Bahir khelti bachi ko ni chorty😥
Tum Qabar me dafnai aurat ko ni chorty😨
Tum hospital me mareeza ko ni chorty😒
Tum apni behan aur beti tk ko ni chorty🤐
Poochty ho usne kapry ase kyu pehny thy??Wo ase kyu thi???
Ye kyu ni poochty wo aurat hi kyu thi???😑
#Sick Mentality🤮
#Phr kehty ho ye beemari kyu aai?😂
#Shukr kro seedha Azaab ni aya😏
#Allah hidayat dy😊🌸

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