Just randomly read this answer and I like your confidence.. Can you make me love you?

Ase answer se love ho jata hy??
How strange??

Ummm.. See, you said you can make the next person fall in love..

Yes depends on situation and person too?

Umm I am quite a reasonable person.. With beautiful heart But I want a handsome guy.. Are you a handsome guy?

Im a black guy ?and with no reasonable looks?
So now what??

Whats your height? 6-pack Abs ? No issue with the black though..

Height 2'7
No Abs

Ufffff... Muhabbat hone se pehly hi full stop. Such an unlucky person I am!!! You lost the beautiful girl just because of your bad sense of humur anyway

Thank God??
I don't need materialistic girl around me??
So stay away?

6-pack Abs materialistic hai?

Height,looks,Abs,6 pack hr cheez materialistic hi hy phr kehna car,bank balance etc??
So is sub se me door hi sahi