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restart your life or become a millionaire ?

chaglrn’s Profile PhotoMikmik
become a millionaire. restarting your life is like doing the same shits that you always had while becoming wealthy is losing your financial problem and then having a great and simple life with your loved ones.

Do you like to recharge alone or around other people?

recharge alone. myself will always have me at my worst, where no one else ever will.

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What is the easiest way to find out whether a person has a crush on you?

they wanna know your interests and making time for you.

naiinis ka na ba sa word na FORDÁ?

not entirely pero i'm not a fan of the chameleon effect. it's annoying that whether you're consciously aware or not sa pag assimilate ng tiktok culture then you shouldn't be using it. ppl who are using these words excessively making them sound unprofessional.

She’s 19, I’m 23 pwede ba?

you're both at legal age. should be legal as well from the parents. then we have no problem.

Feel ko may crush sa'kin yung electric fan kanina pa lingon ng lingon parang t4nga.

beh pati ba naman mga gamit dinadamay mo pa sa pagiging broke mo

Men who take their studies seriously are attractive

couldn't agree more! esp when they also have other priorities or extracurricular activities like an academic club, having into team sports, and community services. they live their life to the fullest while providing for others.

Do you still believe in courting?

owshtdoi’s Profile Photohue
ofc! nowadays kasi ma-attach lang tayo ng konti, ibibigay na agad yung "yes" para lang ma feel natin na may nagmamahal satin pero we really forget how we should act accordingly. lalo na kung ready ka na ba talaga mag commit into a relationship or just to make yourself feel na may taong laging nandiyan sa tabi natin. or worst just to satisfy our greatest pleasure.

Have you met someone who you think is too good to be true? Like they're pretty/ handsome but also too good, too kind, that you question if they are real?

well, sorry i have these types of ppl in my circle. i never questioned them for who they are just bcs they have everything that made them who they are. like genuine, smart, and attractive faces are not a thing for us but honesty and respect from each other.

Anong mas bet nyo. Local movies or International movies?

local movies drama, some actions, and horror/thriller collections while intl yung mga fictions, cartoons, and some excellent series fantasy.

Pag ba nagreply ako as “anonymous” makikita nyo username ko?

as far as it's anonymous, you're completely a stranger.

When she gave you mixed signals, tapos ngayon attached kana. Potaena, hirap mag move on pag may tinatago kang feelings na hindi mo mailabas.

ngayon palang, cut it off. mas okay na mawala yung attachment mo ngayon kesa naman tumagal pa yung feelings at mag grow pa pero di naman pala sa'yo sure. know your worth!

reaction paper or research paper

sdm0417’s Profile Photosdm0417
both are academically challenging bcs of their complicated parts but research enables me to expand my understanding of various social issues in a specific time frame. so, i'll choose research.

Kapag galit ka mas gusto mo ba ilabas yung galit mo o tumahimik na lang?

Ryl_’s Profile PhotoRyl_
i always choose to be quiet bcs you don't wanna hear me say things while i'm mad 🤷🏼‍♂️

Kung may allergy ka sa gustong pagkain ng crush mo at niyaya ka niya kumain ng sabay nun tapos eat all you can pa, sasabay ka ba?

fujiwarazai13723’s Profile PhotoTonichi Chi
lol, i would neverrrr. i'll let her know na i'm allergic to that food so we can adjust or change the entire plan into an exciting one. reminder lang, you'll risk your body for a crush who isn't sure abt you?

Paano kung sinabihan ka ng isang importante na tao sayo na "hindi lang naman kasi ikaw ang priority" ano ang sasabihin mo?

fujiwarazai13723’s Profile PhotoTonichi Chi
first of all, this would never gonna happen to me bcs i don't beg for attention anymore. secondly, i honor my friends' respective times and spaces so we don't consume each other. and lastly, this is only for those who are attention seekers. been there, done that. i don't settle for less anymore, i deserve more than that!


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