Ask @mac_sanders12:

I'm giving out things to brighten ur day! If u want one just respond with yes or yeah or sure or something like that! Doing these because everyone is amazing and I want to make you smile! I will take anon off if you want!🙆🏼🙆🏼

Take it off

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Has a guy ever said I love you to you and actually meant it.


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Oh so we aren't married anymore? ⬇️⬇️⬇️

I'm not interested in dating anyone because I'm already married

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Tbh ur good at soccer

Thanks whoever this is

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You look just like Hailey!

Who is this

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R u talking to someone right now (interested in dating mayb)

Vid of your voice I don't know what it sounds like😂

What school do u go to?

R u at the Clem game

No I had soccer games

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If beattie asked you out what would you do?

I would tell him he needs help

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Which friends I might know them

Thats also classified

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r u going to the party?

Sydney Brown
Idk yet

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I don't go to Christ church though

Well I'm going with my neighborhood friends

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What does that mean "classified"

It means you'll have to wait until halloween to see

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What your Halloween costume?!

That's classified

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Mac you haven't told them we are getting married?

Not yet

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Who do you like