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Why the hell do you care about the whole snapchat thing? You're NOT being subtle, it doesn't concern you at all. You get upset when your 'friends' don't include you in things, but maybe it's because you go around saying these thing about them to the public. Get a fucking clue and grow up.

I hope you're satisfied

thats why you post pictures of you in bandeau's with your cracked makeup eyes and cakey face so much for the sending pictures around. bye bitch. none of us fucking like you. why the fuck were you even mad you didnt get invited to patty's? mmmm thought so.

I hope you're satisfied


Why are you fat?

you think youre hot shit but girl u got less curves then the empire state building. and btw u aint cute. bye bye boo kisses :* p.s. youre laugh, is fucking annoying . it hurts my eardrums whenever i hear the tehehehehehehehehe come out of yo mouth.

Why is your hair ugly?
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you're eyes are fucking tiny and you're face looks loike a cokie or a moon. you get no dam questions so you ask yourself like all of them saying like o madison you're so pretty and shit and everyne knows because your the only one who would say that about you.

Why do you stuff your bra?
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yah u are forgetting someone....list everyone bitch!

Uhm holly & Sophia are da homies oh and Ava mad cool. Dani Brandis is the and most of the guyz I hang out with

best friends from mms?

Sam Marisa Hannah durrrrrrr oh yeah and of course Emmy Katharine and a few more that I'm forgetting

omfg like who the fuck is that person asking what side you are on.. THERE ARE NO FUCKING SIDES

No sides cause there's no fight

whos side are you one for the whole emmy vs soms girls fight???

There is no fight wtf? BREAKING NEWS we all go to the same school

If you could be invisible for one hour, where would you go and what you would you do?

sneak into burger king and steal all their food

bruhh why are you such a hottie? and beautiful & stuff I don't get how that makes you "ratchet" lmfaooo

Why thank you young grasshopper. The term ratchet can vary on a positive or negative meaning depending on the context it is used in.

If you could marry any girl/guy you knew right now in this moment. name 3 . and then answer why you would

Jesse McCartney : because he's sexy
Zac Efron : because he's sexy
Justin Bieber : because he's sexy

whats kalens user name i def wanna follow her....or just like ona her ansers so it shows up cuz i follow u

Kalenm I think fuck I look like?

why doesnt kalen have an ask? you should tell her to get one. btw you're so pretty.

She does! go check her outtttt her page poppin. And thank you!!!!xxx


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