Ask @madi_5sos:

What are your memories from this winter? Tell me, please :з

Last winter? Spent my time in miserable physical and emotional pain. Went through surgery, had to relearn partially how to walk, spent all winter recovering from surgery, while also trying to get over my ex and trying to raise my grades in college while doing all that. This winter -> I’ll be figuring out how to live with snow storms and going back home to my family for Christmas

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What were you doing during the 9/11?

I was 2 years old and I think I was in preschool playing because 2 year old me didn’t understand what was happening. Even though I wasn’t there and didn’t have family in the twin towers or on the plane, I still am impacted by it. I give a moment of silence for those lives lost and for the families that grieved/still are grieving. Today’s a day to give respect and stand in unity to honor those lives. Kids graduating in 2020-2021 years and later weren’t alive to experience it so I hope they’re still teaching about it

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