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you clearly cared enough to call me sweetie

oh you think thats a term of endearment? clearly you need a lesson in sarcasm. buhbyee.

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It really is. I really am sorry for what was said but I truly do love my little one and I don't want her to know I acted the way I did. And I know it isn't Steven either. Thanks. :) have a great day Madison.

livelovelaughatme’s Profile PhotoKayla Remling
you too

Okay thanks though Madison. I don't know who it is either because their anon. I took away people asking anon questions. Doubt I will hear from them now. Thanks for your time. :)

livelovelaughatme’s Profile PhotoKayla Remling
np and i know its not steven because hes asleep. honestly threatening to call cps is going kind of far.

No I don't want to fight but can you get your friends to stop messaging me on here. They are getting annoying. I'm done fighting with you and I'm sorry for what was said.

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i havent had anyone message you. idek who it is

someone showed me a screen shot of steven saying stuff about you like idk i dont wanna give up the person who showed me tho

well then dont give them away show me yourself
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Well I personally don't broadcast telling the world I was raped and my mother not believing me. Sorry I don't think people who really were raped would tell strangers but I guess people cope differently.

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it actually helped me posting that status. and my mother doesnt even know.

Ok well thank you. By the way sorry about the rape jokes. It's just I was mad. Sorry tho. Bye

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lol rape isnt even something to joke about when youre mad. and its especially rude to message my boyfriend that i was asking for it.

You wouldn't be happy if you had kids and someone insulted them. Apologize and it will all be over.

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what will be over? you lying about shit that isnt even true? fine. i apologize for insulting your child.

All you would have to do is apologize for all the shit you said and I would be done with you. :) just an FYI.

livelovelaughatme’s Profile PhotoKayla Remling
um im not going to apologize to someone who threatened to kill me?

Whoever sent that. Ya I'm done talking shit. Maddie apologized. Doesn't mean we are friends but I'll stop.

thankyou. im done too.

please just block nicole and all of the drama will go away, it's annoying to see it in my newsfeed and it's a waste of your time and a waste of her time too

then unfollow me? im pretty sure that nicole and i are finished with drama. at least i hope so.

Then delete the answer saying I'm cheating. Because both you and I know that's not true. In fact that night I said Charlie liked me I clearly said i would never cheat on ryan.

i, madison rose bailey, in sound body and all that shit you say in wills. swear that nicole friedland has never cheated on ryan -insertast name here-
you can quote me.

Stop trying to fuck with my relationship just because you aren't happy in your own. Grow the fuck up maddie.

oh im done with you and ryan. and cheyanne and jon. and whatever else youre trying to accuse me of. ive moved on. im done attacking people. im done trying to start fights. i have no reason to anymore.

Kinda hard have so many people who blocked me which means I have to go through all the things that say Facebook user. Don't have the time between work school and a baby.

livelovelaughatme’s Profile PhotoKayla Remling
or you could just admit it never happened. might as well be honest!!

If you and Steven are so strong then why did he call you a bitch?

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steven and i are stronger than ever. he and i both know it. but if he called me a bitch id love to see some proof(:

hey maddie whats your opinion on everything people are saying about you

madshearmeroar’s Profile Photomadison
honestly, I DONT GIVE A DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, steven and i are stronger than ever and no one can bring us down.

I was asking a question and you have yet to answer. Why are you such a bitch? Answer me that and I will leave you alone.

livelovelaughatme’s Profile PhotoKayla Remling
why am i such a bitch? i dont want people get close to me so i act like a bitch and push them away instead of them walking out of my life. i push them away and act like a bitch. you want the truth? there it is. id rather push people away then get hurt when they walk out of my life.

Honestly I would like to know who this Kayla girl is. Please set me up with her. If she hates you she is obviously a good person.

livelovelaughatme’s Profile PhotoKayla Remling
y u so obsessed with me boy i gotta kno

umm i rather not. Im the guy who you blocked a few days ago. I'm a pathetic human being and I'm sorry for everything. and my father is why I'm always freaking out.

please leave me alone. i blocked you so i wouldnt have any contact with you. nor do i want any contact with you. goodbye.

well you hate me right now. but if you want to know who this is. i will tell you later.

i honestly dont hate anyone. the only person i do hate is my father for what he did to my mother. but thats personal and we're not going into that. but just message me now?

in all honesty i dont think charlie hates u i just think shes hurt

tbh i think she actually does hate me. but i actually dont care anymore because ive moved on.

I'm sorry if i was a bitch to you. I'm sorry for all the trouble i caused and the shit i said about you. i have autism too. i have wanted to kill myself because of it. if yo want to talk. let me know

i dont even know who this is, but ya sure why not message me on fb

both charlie and shane have the type of autism u do

shane flynn? yes he told me and i had no idea.except he and i have never fought?
charlie started the entire thing and i dont treat her like shit i just have no interest in being friends with her. theres a difference.

if you are autistic. then why are you a bitch to everyone who is autistic? wtf


Opinion on Charlie and Alex Felton's mending of friendship?

they're mending their friendship? okay? good for them? that is their business and not anyone elses. god damn,

What do you want right now?

i would KILL to be in steven's arms right now and spend all of tomorrow with him for our anniversary.
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Then why do you continue to respond when you say I don't respond to you. You're stupid. Go back to school with your apparent 5.3 GPA. You lying whore.

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school let out 2 hours and 10 minutes ago. but its funny how you have the time to read my entire ask.fm wall

One of your friends asked why I was attacking you and was too scared to show their names. Scared ass bitches

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LOL i wish they would realize you dont matter to me so i dont care why you attacked me.

Maybe I should know maybe I shouldn't. I'm just wondering why they didn't choose someone that looked better than you. Or wait lol are you lying about it? Because usually people who were raped don't tell strangers about it unless they are looking for attention.

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how do you even know about it? oh jesus are you obsessed with me like everyone else who hates me. honey, join the fucking club of people who hate me. i could care less

Was it your daddy then? I don't see why anyone would rape someone as ugly as you. Offense added.

livelovelaughatme’s Profile PhotoKayla Remling
if you know about the rape then you should know who did it, now shouldnt you.


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