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Share something you're grateful for today.

so grateful not to be with curtis anymore, idk why i never saw the signs of him cheating constantly. Fuck HS relationships

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Who were you hanging out with last night in that car....

u mean my uber?

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Link me to your twitter account


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people use Emailing as a form of communication, simple simp

oh i dont

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allright, I see you are using simp logic

yeah idk who u r or why u want it haha

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an Email I can contact you at?


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Hey, what is your Gmail

uhm what

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How are things with Curtis?


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Sorry to hear, hope everything turns out alright

thx lol

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uh extremely

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Are u still dating Curtis


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How long u been dateing that dude?


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Are you single or taken?


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Do you have a boyfriend?


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Yes I'm your bae

who is this loll

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Wanna talk to u cz u look sooo cute

but i have a boyf

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why haha😂

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What is one thing that happened in your life that without it happening, you would never be where you are today?

las vegas bball tourny

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You're my bae

im ur bae?! haha i have a bae

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Could you have a listen to this song I wrote for a girl? It's called "Amber Day" :)


Have you ever broken any bones? If so, how many and which ones?

broken 6 bones tht im aware of

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So what...?

so idk😂

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So that's a no?

well idc. but u said u dunno me so

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What does that mean

idk lol like ok

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