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LOL I couldn't think of a better word to use. She just ignores you when you talk to her?

Kinda but more like "yea ok" and it never happens or there's no effort which is kinda like oh well I guess
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LOL why "apparently"? If I may ask.

Cause things aren't anywhere near the way they were before and doesn't seem like they'll get there but who knows.

What do you mean? If I may ask.

Just stuff happened and we stopped talking. Reached out to each other again and I wished it would of been the exact same way as before but it wasn't. And it sucks to say but it doesn't seem like it ever will be.

Why do you hardly talk to one of them? You never want to lose a good friend.

Because it was partially my fault. But I tried to get it back. Seems like it'll never be that way. Not much I can do.

Who is the realist friend you have ever had?

In all honesty I've only had 2. One I hardly talk to, the other I still talk to and we hang out every now and then

But is he at least, or do you want to be in the baby's life? From instagram on both i can tell you guys love each but i don't the situation but it just needs time to work itself out

Of coarse. Yea we had a lot of problems but were doing a lot better now

Hey I'm just asking i don't mean to make you mad or anything, but thing's like this affect the baby health now and in the future when it's born. My sister lost her baby from fighting with the baby dad and its sad

Yea I know it is. That's why I block everyone out and worry about myself. And he can't seem to understand that but sit there and argue with me 90% of the time.

But both of you will help raise it right? Is he mean to you or don't care about the baby?

What happens from here on out its no one's business but ours.

Have you guys found out what u guys sre having yet?

No I haven't found out what I'm having yet but more than likely a girl

Is it enjoyable to go with your bf? I go with mine but he always trys to fight people lol

It is actually he's always making room for is if we don't fit (: and he only pushes people when they push him so it's actually fun he dances too(:


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