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A guy broke up his engagement with my friend. Giving the reason that ur not financially indep: enough. She's 23 she earns 35 k as a fresh graduate. But he's like "why did you even choose teaching as a job (she desp: wanted to teach kids) & that's so lame after having a good degree" Whats the logic.

Toxic man 🤡 Acha hai khud tor di warna larki ny mou pe marni thi ring
1) Girls ain't obligated to do jobs but if they do,it's their choice and noone has a right to interfere
2) "Independent enough " at amateur level is ENOUGH like I know alot of jobless good qualified intellectuals just judging others 🤡
3) Teaching is one of the best profession like you won't be here without the guidance of your teachers 🤡
These days Career has been a trigger point for me so I can understand the delimma 🥹


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