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What is feminism then? Isnt it maximization of utility for females? If not. If it is equality for all irrespective of gender then why is it called feminism not humanism?

Now on this I would like to say it's the way you look at something or it's your perspective. Feminism is nothing but supporting women, not about vulgarity and dumba** rights but the rights which are necessary in order to live in a society. I'm not a Desi feminist who will look down upon the other gender just to make myself feel superior.

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What do you think of those people who work hard for others' betterment but still receive hate and backlash in return?

To be very very honest I have learnt one thing from my own personal experience k iss duniya ne apky sath kabhi acha nHi do things to please Allah not people and expect only from him. Though we are humans we do expect and get hurt when hatred come from the people u think will always be beside u. So it's better to just go with the flow and don't get attach to that extent that u'll regret later on.

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