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Shadi family me? i mean cousin marriage? Ya meri trha koi scene nahi? 🥲

Cousin marriage ki jaan kab chorni hai logon ny?
Itni bari population hai mulk ki, bohot log miljaingy.
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Pakistan is the best country to live in , the lowest cost living, best environment for business but. Pakistani awam is that kind of awam which instead of trusting a 3 rs product of Pakistan made go for 3000 rs worth imported stuff and lowest in quality just cuz imported stamp! .. thoughts on this?

enjoymaaryaar’s Profile PhotoAaryan
For rich people I think. This would apply to upper middle class too perhaps. Majority of Pakistani awam isn't getting paid a decent wage and a lot of times only one person in a family is earning.
Ajkal teen rupay mai kia milta hai? Cocomo ki price b 5 rupay sy ziada hogai hai as far as I know.

What life lessons have you had to learn the hard way?

Sometimes it's okay to be selfish, and it's okay to be mean. There is no need to try too hard to be a "good" person if you're doing it in the hopes of getting appreciation or approval. At the end of the day you will get absolutely nothing, people will only take advantage of you and you will be left unhappy and frustrated. Life is a lot easier when you just do what you gotta do and stop caring about appeasing others. If people think you're a bad person for that then so be it, who cares.

Lol 😂 in western countries like USA it's trending these days to identify oneself as something else or someone else for example males 🐏 and females are identifying as non binary, I'm considering to identify as a billionaire 🤑 💰 how/what would you identify yourself as? 😜🔪

enjoymaaryaar’s Profile PhotoAaryan
I identify as a cat.

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I'm not saying it's productive to burn holy books. I'm saying most of the things you mentioned as being inappropriate and not ok in public happen in other places and almost nobody responds the way they do in Pakistan. Why?

If you are referring to violence, its bigotry that has been deeply ingrained into the social fabric. Religion has been weaponized to use against anyone, anybody and anything that is seen as a threat or disliked. Its a mindset problem that would require a lot of time and effort to fix.
I would say South Asians are generally more religious than a lot of Western societies so there is a higher chance they would get offended if their faith is targeted Violence however is the result of religion being weaponized by certain people to gain power and control over the masses.

Some do scream, curse and flash in public. Sounds like Mardi Gras or any raucous atmosphere in open societies. They burned bibles and American flags in a Portland protest a few yrs ago. Some were offended, but no one got violent. Why should we expect any different in Pakistan?

I never said its ok to be violent. I said multiple times that shouldn't happen. However if people get offended then there's absolutely nothing wrong with being offended. Its natural to be offended at somebody who is openly ridiculing your values and showing aggression (yes aggression can be shown without being violent). They could have engaged in a debate and it would have been more productive than acting like morons in public. Some random guy burning Bibles wouldn't suddenly make Christians want to quit religion or change their opinion. Like I said there's no point in doing that.

Why do people allow themselves to be incited? If I saw someone burn it, I'd not give them importance.

There are some things that are not appropriate in public. Whether or not somebody gets incited by it or not, it would not make it any better. You don't scream in public, you don't flash people in public, you don't swear in public etc. I mean there are many things that are inappropriate to do in public. You cannot expect people to not be offended. Some people would be offended, and some would choose not to care. Regardless of other people's reaction, it would still remain a tasteless thing to do. Also by burning a holy book, nobody is achieving anything. The message they are giving is " I hate you, I don't accept you, you are not welcome here." The act itself is aggressive and hateful in nature. Now you can argue that people should not care but humans naturally do care especially when it comes to things that are dear to them.

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Why does the intention of burning matter if you don't think anyone should be punished regardless?

As I said people can't just punish anyone whenever they want no matter what they have done. That would only cause anarchy. On the other hand I also don't think it's okay to incite hatred against a group and agitate people by doing such things. What does anyone get out of burning a holy book in public? (Do it in your own home if you are feeling so much rage, nobody would care). It's simply in bad taste. If you don't like something, and you have different opinions then just say it like a civilized person. And I think having an open debate is healthy for society.

What do you feel when someone burns Quran? Do you think such people should be punished?

Technically burning is a respectful method of disposing off the Quran (as far as I have heard) but obviously the intention behind doing that matters.
I think if there is going to be a blasphemy law at all then it should have very strict criteria, and it should be very specific. It should not be vague at all. These days even if a person questions religion and respectfully engages in a debate people are quick to term it blasphemy and a mob comes looking for them. Difference of opinion cannot he counted as blasphemy and you can't punish a person for expressing their opinion. And if there is a law it should apply for everyone and every faith without discrimination. The only way there could be some benefit in such a law is if its used against those who spread hatred against other faiths and cause disharmony and chaos. Other than that, I don't think individuals or groups on their own have any right to punish someone.

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What do you think about Imran Khan? Is he a good leader?

I think he is too simple and straightforward. He is not very politically smart. He is good at inspiring people but he is not politician material. Politcians have to be artful, or they don't survive in the game for long. Maybe he is a good leader, meaning that he inspires people to rise up against injustice but not fit to be a politician. Not all politicians are leaders. And not all leaders have to be politicians. He is a leader for the common people, for sure.

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Would you rather someone be honest and hurt your feelings or lie to protect them?

I'd rather have them be honest with me. Most of the time I can feel how somebody feels about me. It's the little things they do and say, and the subtle signals they give that I notice. Nobody is protecting my feelings by lying to me. More often than not I have an idea how they feel about me and I'm already hurt about it lol.

Hi! Hru? Hope your doing really well! My name is Gurinder or G for short and your so incredible and really amazing! Love your content on here! Keep on shining like you always do! May God keep blessing you and may all your dreams and wishes come true! Your friend, G. Your an absolute star!!

gurinder6’s Profile PhotoGurinder
I remember you sent this exact same staif 2 3 years ago 😭

Who are you? According to you?

An artist. I'm not the best at making art, I'm not super skilled at it, it is not my profession, and there is so much I have to improve, but I personally think that being an artist is an innate thing, it's like a personality trait not just a profession or hobby. An artist looks for meaning, depth and beauty in everything life has to offer. Even in sadness there is a beauty and a meaning. They look at the tiny little details, they like to stay in their thoughts, often times they can come across as a little weird or eccentric to others. They can be prone to sadness because they like to dwell on certain things a lot and think deeply. They feel deeply and their memories are vivid. They have sharp instincts. They are creative and imaginative. The word artist describes me quite well.

What is the most valuable lesson life has taught you so far?

o6ogold’s Profile PhotoAdil
Sometimes we wish for certain things so hard, we want those things so badly that it clouds our judgement. Even if we know the reality we are unable to face it and we prefer to live in delusions. I think when your wishes and desires overtake you, you become vulnerable and weak. Every human has something they desperately seek and ultimately that becomes their biggest weakness and downfall if they don't keep their wishes in check.

A line you hate to hear! 👂

When you say something or make a valid point, and a random dude on the internet out of nowhere goes "go back to the kitchen", "make sandwiches" , "women ☕️" etc.
It's usually the boys living rent free at an age nearing 30, using free internet, and getting strangled by the umbilical cord saying this. The irony.

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Recently been wanting inspiration for things to cook so, what's a healthy yet delicious meal that you like to make? Recipe is appreciated and feel free to post a picture if you have one 🍲

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Chow Mein 😋 It may not be authentic (idk) but I like it.
I just stir fry some chicken and shrimps (seasoned with chilli flakes, paprika, black pepper, ginger garlic paste, salt, lemon juice). When the meat/seafood is half done, add cabbage, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, green chillies. Stir fry all of that. Mix some oyster sauce and soy sauce, add a bit of water (and tiny bit of sugar to balance the saltiness). Pour that in the stir fry and add boiled noodles. Stir fry everything together for 5 minutes. Season with green onions and little bit of sesame oil.
Recently been wanting inspiration for things to cook so whats a healthy yet


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