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A girl can judge a guy on his wealth but a man cannot judge a woman on her beauty. A girl can leave a guy because it's worth her mental peace but a guy cannot otherwise he's a mysogonist and liar and womanizer. A girl can question a guy anything about her ex but when a guy does he's unattractive.

Ofcourse lots of men judge women on their beauty, what are you even talking about? If a guy gets criticized for judging a girl's looks, then women also get called a gold digger all the time.

Pakistanis when they see a bodybuilder: bhai isne to steroids liye hain. -Pakistanis when they see a beautiful woman: Bhai isne to surgery karwaii hai. Bhai isko make up k baghair Dekho. -Pakistanis when they can't debate after doing it for one hour: bhai tameez se baat karna seekho pehle.

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
Why is this so true😂😂😂😂

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What do women fear: if their partners would mistreat them. What men ( specifically I fear): if I'd go for her to moon and back and still she'd have the audacity to leave me.

Its better if someone leaves you rather than staying with you and mistreating you. You can never know if someone is gonna leave you someday, and if you do things for them expecting they won't leave you then yeah you might get disappointed.

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How easily do you "get in the zone"? Is there anything special that usually triggers that for you? 💻📚🖌

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Music. It impacts my mood and attitude a lot. Like if I want to get some work done and feel motivated for the day I need to play certain tracks that make me feel energetic/ motivated, that really helps.


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