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Some ppl r so weird Lagta hai Kisi ny tahzeeb sy BAAT krna nhi sekhya. They don't even know how to behave in someone's question .

always Remember the emptier the utensil is the more it makes noise .
you'll always find a humble nature in a person who's fully groomed and doesn't have guilts, fears of being left alone, or scared of people making his fun.
know psychological aspects of human behavior. 🌚

And when nobody wakes you up in the morning, or nobody waits for you at night! And when you do whatever you want to do! Do you call it Loneliness or Freedom?

aleena_kamran1’s Profile Photoبھٹک رہی ہوں-
kids see it as freedom, while at a certain age it the main cause of increasing cases of depression and suic*de attempts. ✨

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I feel like I married the wrong person 😞what am I supposed to do now. I don't want to talk with my in-laws. I don't want my husband. He's like a nightmare for me now

girls and boys have some serious mental and emotional issues these days.
we dont want to do the efforts,
we dont want to play our part in the struggle,
we dont want to make people feel wanted,
we do not do the small things to perk up sweet things in a relation.
but we demand everything.
remember the one you have beside you is the only man that worths more than any other man around you.
do your efforts, win him.
one thing about men i love is, they tolerate, they give you proper space to win them, own them, and be the queen.
but that post requires constant efforts and persistent love.
try to look at him, the way you want him to look at you.
try to treat him the way you want to be treated.
try to talk to him the way you want him to talk to you.
you are not married to the wrong person,
you are misguided by the wrong thoughts about the wrong people. 😊

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This man drives me crazy with his witty sense of humour. He makes fun of things that he knows would trigger some people. He is so on point sometimes. He would make a good husband. How do i talk to him and shoot my shot? (He doesn't know me. I follow his public account on Twitter)

just some tweets made you trust your thoughts that he'll be a good husband?

Any msg for someone? Just write it down ☀️

wherever you are,
who do ever is beside you,
whatever you do,
i hope you are doing well.
i saw you in my black hoodie,
sitting alone, i felt the silence, too
i could clearly see the pain you have in you.
i just want you to know,
i may not be visible to your eyes,
but i've always been nearest to you.
and I'll always have my eyes only on YOU!! ❤️

You like western dress or eastern?

-poop attracts flies.
decency is my dress code.
covering is my motive.
i dont look at them as western, eastern, ethnic or bold.
i see them as dresses, which have a basic purpose to COVER, not EXPOSE.
so i make sure i am properly covered, elegantly dressed with what i think is my style, i do not look at people for telling me what's in fashion.
the people who really understand fashion, know what their personalities are and what colors enhance their mood and looks.
more than a dress,
i look for fabric, its type color, texture, weight.
evaluating conditions like my features, skin tone, temperature, weather, type of event, time, and its place.
one thing in my dress (eastern/ western) is that not an inch of my body is exposed to attract other people. this is what most of the youth needs to understand! 💕🌚

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How did Monday treat you?

AnonHunYaar’s Profile PhotoAnon
to all who hate mondays should know
they are functioning in the wrong
(place, environment, Society, social class).
if you are doing what you should be doing, and you can manage to get decent living out of it trust me,
you'll Love working all night and days, mondays to sundays, dusk to dawn, yet feel energetic and so much concerned with your work.
i am somewhere i wanted to be, and i would sometimes work more than 21 hours a day, still love my job 😂✨

Define ur phupho 🔥😜

she's a human,
just like my mom, who is "phupho" to some other children.
so sweet & loving as a mom, also as a phupho but maybe my cousins can't see..
see your phupho without the eyes and ears your mom gave you, and you'll see shes an ordinary human.
just like you and me,
who's angry at times & at times who's loving ... same as your khala but we mostly cant digest what comes from paternal family !

Why bussiness teachers don't set up their own bussiness?

never listen to a teacher who teaches you from books,
all you need to learn in business is the real struggle, theories don't work.
experience does.
talk to a person about business, who has a business.
who owns a soup cart at the nearest markaz,
who owns a workshop at the corner street,
who sells anything around you.
don't waste time listening to the ones with formal dressing (doing jobs teaching business),
and reading book knowledge just like a parrot.
they'll only ruin you.

Will i ever be free from stomach issues? 😭 It weakens your entire body. I'm just tired.

tired of running to the medical stores?
recite "manzil" and pray for your health from ALMIGHTY, ask for mercy..
make sure you blow on the water bottle. (drink that water only)
its not always a medical condition,

I thought i was over him. I was too obsessed with him some time ago, then i felt like moving on so i did. But when i see him nowadays i am like i want him. He is not so my type but i like him so much. What is wrong here?

human brain is complex.
if you are no longer with someone try to start believing you get to a point where you have no feelings for him.
no good no bad, no love no anger, no care no hate.
just as neutral as u are for an unknown person.
only in that case you are actually over, or move past a person. 🙂

Does physical relationship increase love between two people?

if its with a legal religious bond,
it will not just increase love,
it will make you respect that person more,
it will make you protect that person more,
it will save you from sins,
but if its religiously illegal or unethical
it will cause problems,
it will love you disappointed, betrayed, hurt and disgraced.

Upsetting thoughts?

growing up is a total mess,
you get to know people around you are there just to disappoint you, defame you, degrade you at different stages of your life.
whenever you're weak, fighting with demons outside the boundary,
someone you trusted will cover your back, would stab you JUST TO PROVE HE/SHES ORDINARY! ✨

I have question for you all Jesy Chinese ka bacha chinese shakal ka hota African black hotey Or Pakistani indian brown hotey Sab apne baap dada jesy hotey..... Too Hazrat adam AS phele insan they or sab unki ulaad to ye sab difference kesy aya???

Ali_AK47’s Profile PhotoHasbulla Magomedov
body type or genetics, do alag cheezy hain
hazrat adam k bchy cheeni, japani or philpinno nhi thy,
zubanain badlny ka kissa to suna hoga, baki rahi jismani bdlao ..
jese rang, kad kath, to ye sb aabo hawa, mosam or ilakae chezo se bdl jaty hain,
phly bht se janwar dusri forms me thy with time bht se jismani hissay tak khtm hogye, jese fish sanp,
purani tehzeebon or un ki makhollkat ki tehreer k bary me prhyn u will know.


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