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Life would be much better if people are straight forward in everything 🌚

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i swear bro bhae jou hou wahi bolo naw, i had this friend (i regret being friends with that person sm) he used to act and talk like i am the only one and blah blah and i decided to check if hes speaking the truth, i texted him from 4 different female accounts and he was literally so tharki foran free horha wahan aur esa lag hee nhi raha tha abhi baat start hui hai he even said ky “apni pics bhejo aapka folder bana leta hun” 😂jaisay mujhsy baat krta tha wesai baat krta tha and i was like wtf thankgod maine issy check krlia fazul time waste banda maine ussy itni rude baat kr krke ussy bhaga dia thankgod he doesnt texts me anymore good luck talking with my friends fake id’s HAHAHAHA nerd despo.😂🤌🏻

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