How to survive college?

1. Know your priorities
It's okay to have fun every once in a while but you should not ever forget your responsibilities as a student. Don't be a slacker and always get your shit together.
2. Conduct yourself well
College life and your bedroom have something in common-magulo. Shitty things are bound to happen; aside from the typical scenarios like failing a quiz or an exam, having numerous assignments/projects, getting a shitty class schedule and such, there are still various (unanticipated) things that you might get involved in such as getting into a fight, being friends with the people your parents warned you about, negative peer pressure etc. Madami yan! And you'll get to understand it more as you go along. Just please, wag magpaimpluwensya!
3. Be yourself
Cliché much? But yes, always be yourself in whatever you do. Do not pretend to be someone you're not just to "fit in". Let everyone know who you really are and be proud! Some people will always have something (negative) to say anyways so might as well stay true to yourself and to everyone around you. Remember that what others think of you is none of your business.
4. Be friendly
You and your friends could help each other in so many ways may it be school-related or not. Make lots of friends! Sometimes all you need is good company to enjoy and survive your college years.
5. Enjoy your remaining years in school.
After college, you're going to enter another chapter of your life. Things will be a whole lot different by then and you won't be able to do the things you used to do when you were still a student. Make the most of your college years! DON'T STRESS YOURSELF TOO MUCH. Enjoy pa din but still (as I have said earlier) know your limitations. Saktong pag-eenjoy lang.
Good luck!?

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